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Book Release - The World of Pond Stories - Dr. Stewart Bitkoff Latest Book Available for Purchase

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World of Pond

The World of Pond Stories is the introductory book in Dr. Bitkoff’s new series. It will take readers on a trip to a wondrous land where pond creatures live in harmony and often work together to solve problems.

These stories offer the opportunity for children and adult readers alike, to travel alongside amusing and delightful woodland characters that are expanding their hearts and minds. From “silver minnow catching” class; to humorous, yet meaningful exchanges among grasshoppers, turtles and dragonflies; to a mysterious quest with Master Turtle, you and the children in your life will enjoy reading about the spiritual journey of life in a unique and lighthearted way.

world of pond stories

To Purchase:
Amazon: (Paperback $13.99 | Kindle $5.95)
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Come, swim in the richness of your own spirit and journey to a magical place called The World of Pond. (more…)


A Remarkable Book For Muslims And Jews

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Reviewed by Recep Dogan Phd.
A collection of 31 articles by Rabbi Allen S. Maller about Jewish-Muslim connections, previously published on Islamic web sites, has just come out in paperback. Entitled "Judaism and Islam as Synergistic Monotheisms”; it is available for $15 on Amazon.
Rabbi Maller has knowledge of Judaism and Islam. As a Reform Rabbi he tried to understand how the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad established relations with people of the Book and why some practices of Orthodox Jews were criticized in the Qur’an. Rabbi Maller states that Reform Rabbis are closer to Islam today than to Orthodox Rabbis. Indeed he says, “I think of myself as a Reform Rabbi and a Muslim Jew.



Light On The Mountain - excerpt

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Excerpt includes summary and introductory pages from the story.


This is the legend of the Ancient One, a spiritual being that has been asleep for 1000 years.  According to prophecy he awakens to lead the people of the city plain out of despair and oppression. Offering a message of hope and renewal, he sets in motion universal forces, which restore the balance.

This captivating tale parallels the challenges of modern society where wars rage with elusive terrorists, millions are homeless without shelter or nourishment and the rich continue to amass fortune. We are in need of a permanent solution to these age-old problems.

So come join the Ancient One as he brings Light to the mountain and reveals the inherent power of our collective human potential, working together and reaching higher.

-SB (more…)


ALAPINAH - The Quest for the Secret to Health

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By Amnon Josting

Balance and the Balance System of the Human Collective

Nature strives for balance.

Nature’s language of balance is as follows: everyone listens to everyone, everyone talks with everyone, online, simultaneously and without delay.

The human race is only one communications system out of an infinite amount of communication forms that exist in nature. Although it is a unique system unmatched by any other in the observable universe, it does not defy the laws of nature.

We too, as individuals and as a human collective, strive for balance.

Every animal we know lives in harmony with nature instinctively and innately, but we act differently, due to two basic components acting synergistically in the foundation of the communications system known as the "human race".

The first component is the capacity for making conscious choices, with an unlimited range of options at its core.

The second component is the emotional frame that all human beings share. (more…)


Book Release: Dr. Stewart Bitkoff's Latest Book Light On The Mountain Now Available for Purchase

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Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. - reviewed

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by Doug Simpson

Dr. Weiss graduated from Columbia University and Yale Medical School. He is Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida. A nationally recognized psychiatrist, he risked his reputation by going public with the story of his personal experiences with a seriously-traumatized, intellectual young lady he has called Catherine. After endless months of minimal success in dealing with Catherine’s phobias and resulting traumas, he resorted to deep hypnotic therapy and the unexpected happened. Catherine, without any prompting, commenced talking about her past lifetimes. At first Dr. Weiss could not believe what he was hearing and sought all sorts of alternative explanations for the source of the information that freely flowed through his difficult-to-help patient. To make his case against reincarnation even more difficult, over a short period of time Catherine commenced to systematically shed her phobias as she uncovered their origins in past lifetimes. Dr. Weiss was very relieved when he eventually confided his unthinkable discoveries to a few close colleagues and they conceded that they too had made similar discoveries but were also reluctant to go public with them. (more…)


Is there life after death?

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by Katrina-Jane

Being a clairvoyant medium, I have had so many people come through the door and tell me that they have been waiting for a sign from a loved one that has passed over, yet they haven’t received anything. And they just want to know that their loved one is alright.

This of course, raises the question of, ‘is there life after death?’  My answer to that is a simple ‘yes’.  I firmly believe that there is and I have had far too many instances of those in the spirit world giving messages of proof to their loved ones here on this earth for me to ever doubt that there is more to life than just our existence here.

I could give you hundreds of examples but I will contain it to just one. (more…)


Atlantis & Lemuria the Lost Continents Revealed!

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Book Excerpts by Tom T. Moore - Copyright 2015

Sixty thousand years ago there existed two additional continents, each about ten to twelve percent larger than the continent of Australia.  One was located in the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Africa named Atlantis.  The other was located in the Pacific Ocean near present day Japan and named Lemuria or Mu.  Why are they no longer there? (more…)


Peace Chaplain

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Chapter 13 of the book RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War By William T. Hathaway

RADICAL PEACE is a collection of reports from antiwar activists, the true stories of their efforts to change our warrior culture. A seminarian contributed this chapter about learning to love her enemies. Because of her activism, she prefers to remain anonymous.

To celebrate Armed Forces Day the military base near my seminary held an open house, a public relations extravaganza to improve their image and boost recruiting. They invited the public in for a marching band parade, a precision flying show, and a sky diving demonstration. They even offered free lemonade and cookies.

A subversive seminarian, namely me, decided to disrupt the festivities and remind people that the military's job is murder. (more…)


To Travel Far – the Out of the Body Experience

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By Darryl E Berry Jr, 2015

Do you remember going to sleep or waking from sleep and being unable to move as if paralyzed? This is commonly experienced at the start or end of an out-of-body experience (OBE or OOBE). Do you remember having dreams of flying or dreams of falling, accompanied by very real sensations of weightlessness or falling? You were likely unconsciously floating into the nonphysical while dreaming of flying, and then experiencing a rapid reintegration with the physical body similarly masked by dream imagery. Do you remember experiencing vibrations, loud engine-like sounds, gunshot-like bangs, or metallic-like clicks inside your head when going to sleep or upon awakening? These are also common occurrences during the initiation or conclusion of an OBE. (more…)