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The Second Coming of Jesus of Nazareth?

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by Leland Mellott

By way of a powerful LIGHT in my mind during the month of October 1981, I see that we have entered Humanity's Next Cycle and that this is not another 2,000 year out-breath of Divine Will Intelligence (which is what the Second Coming would have been); it is a turn to Source.

Like a duck leaping into a pond is what the Second Coming would have been compared to the cycle we have entered, which is more like a galaxy being born.

We are leaving the beasthood of humanity for the top of the mountain. There will be peace on this earth, universal and perpetual, up to and including the last word spoken, the last breath, of the last person to be alive.

There are trillions (I have now been speaking this word for three hours and barely begun to count) of souls in the Throughout Of Being. I want to see the "spiritually elite" of this world stand out when they become dead.

Every Christian who kills is an Anti-Christ. (Every other killer is this in other words.) How many Anti-Christs have lived in this world? How many millions of people have been murdered by them across how many centuries? How many Anti-Christs are there in this world at this hour?

Religious people do not kill. Who are this world's warring murderers who are claiming to be religious? How many people are being put to death by them hourly?

To murder another person is to Try To Kill GOD. Who murders once has murdered 10,000 times In Thee EYE. I want to see this world's killers escape the wrath of those they have slaughtered ... by never dying.

To be "free" to kill in the Here is to be bound in will to kill in the After, and be murdered, and kill, and be murdered, and kill and be murdered ... in the Nether Dark.

People who speak hell for others in the Here speak hell for themselves in the After. What is hell? Hell is the absence of light.

All WORD is spoken word. It is every word spoken. The words we speak are food we feed each other. Who speaks poison is poison. Not being able to judge, hate and kill is going to destroy the lives of innumerable people, if they aren't careful.

In Wrath Of Word, come among here, all have been given actual power to destroy this world. (To worship me is to destroy me; who murders me destroys this world.)

Jesus of Nazareth himself never claimed to "be God" because he knew it wasn't true. This has never happened in the Throughout Of Being and it never will.

In the body of Jesus of Nazareth male and female were made one.

I am being interrogated about Jesus of Nazareth. I say, "He killed no one." (a dream)

Jesus of Nazareth crosses my path directly in front of me. I exclaim, instantly and loudly, "Jesus Christ!" (a dream)

The way we live our lives engenders the forces that free us or bind us when we pass through from this world. Love is the power and infinitely so. Love is the way. There is no other way.

We were never created but always were and always will be; we are immortal beings. (a dream) In the sense that we never die we are angels. (a dream) Each and every one of us is a center of all of being. The Sea Of Being goes out from us in all directions ... forever.

We are entering the Age of Woman. Who am I? I am Son Of My Mother, nothing is higher than this. So that, who murders woman murders My Mother.

Last shall be made first, highest shall be made lowest. No door in this world will be closed to a poor person. No poor person will be in a locked room.

How many times larger than the eye of a needle is an adult camel? We must save the doomed souls of the rich and the powerful by assuring that they die destitute and powerless.

In closing, there was a man named Jesus (from Mexico), who, in his Task of Dying, saved me and kept me in this world. He died on Good Friday 1986. Such is the way. This man is my Personal Savior.

Leland Mellott
14070 River Bend Road
Mount Vernon, Washington
98273-7289, USA


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