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Is being overwhelmed actually hurting you?

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by Debra Meehl

As spiritual beings having a human experience, how do we reconcile our spiritual essence with human existence? How do we cope with the everyday in light of our divine heritage?

In the era of new age spirituality, we have developed a pervading but misguided notion that enlightenment only appears as and through continual, unshifting peace, harmony, and contentment. We have come to cling to the erroneous idea that by distancing oneself from the negatively perceived side of humanity we evolve beyond our humanness, becoming something higher or better.  But if you are occupying a human body, it is impossible to experience only one side of existence.

The point of our existence in these flesh suits is the experience itself. Our spirits are a reflection and manifestation of the divine, seeking to learn and to know itself; all of itself, in the perfect timing and unfolding of divine flow. This means that there is a time for everything – “…  a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…” There is a time for everything and everything comes in its time. This means, too, that there is a time for passion (both positive and negative) and a time for peace.

To move through life without experiencing all of this is simply impossible. As human beings we are a part of nature. Thus we, like all things on Earth, are subject to all of nature’s shifting polarities, and to our own cycles and rhythms of change. Our mettle is perfected in the heat of trial and transition, our true unchanging essence and wholeness of identity revealed through and in contrast to the constant change of our Earthly surroundings.

The revelation of this wholeness comes when you accept, fully feel, and experience all that comes. For the immortal diamond at your core is only refined through the heat and pressure of both pain and pleasure.

Many of us spend our entire lives running from feeling, believing that we cannot bear the pain or shame or suffering. But you already have. You bore it the moment it first entered your experience, and you have carried it with you every day that you refused its presence. What you have not done, is feel all that you are beyond that pain.

Denying or seeking to avoid the reality of your experience only prolongs the experience, and denies an honest part of yourself. Your feelings, just like your desires, are a natural part of yourself; divinely inspired and manifested in you for a specific time and purpose. Whatever you are feeling, let it have its time. And when its time is over it will pass. And you will have gained more enlightenment from the experiencing of it than you ever could hope for in the denial of it. For it is through the experiencing that we gain understanding, and through understanding gain real enlightenment. As it was written at the oracle of Delphi, “Know thyself”. Knowing yourself requires an experiencing of the self. So know yourself, understand yourself, and you will understand all the mysteries of the universe and the gods. You will attain authentic enlightenment.


Debra Meehl

Debra is a nationally recognized educator and author with a truly unique combination of credentials and life experiences that made her inexplicably qualified to establish and manage the Meehl Foundation. Among other things Debra is an interdenominational pastoral counselor with a Doctorate of Divinity, an intensively trained DBT skills trainer, an Amen certified brain health coach, and a board-certified hypnotist.

As president and founder of the Meehl Foundation, Debra has worked extensively with clients from around the world; helping them surmount dogma, ego, expectation, irrational belief, and cyclic suffering in order to create a life worth living. Her uncommonly inclusive approach to counseling embraces personal belief and blends this with evidence based methods to create a customized course of action that is exclusive to the individual. For over 10 years Debra has dedicated herself to helping countless men and women heal the negative patterns and trauma of their lives and in so doing step into a life of authenticity and purpose.

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