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Spiritualist Beliefs

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In the early days of Spiritualism in the 19th century the medium Emma Hardinge Britten channelled what came to be accepted as the Seven Principles of Spiritualism.

This article details the key philosophical beliefs that appear fundamental to Spiritualism in the early 21st century.

  1. Every human (living?) being has an eternal soul that is temporarily associated with a physical body.
  2. The soul, while incarnate, provides a bridge between the spiritual and physical.
  3. Upon bodily death the soul returns solely to the spiritual realm, but retains (some degree of) individuality, and (for a finite time?) some trace of the personality it had in life.
  4. It is possible, under certain conditions, eg via a “medium”, for disincarnate souls of the deceased to pass information / evidence to the living (eg former loved ones). We all possess some mediumistic ability, but it is usually drowned out by the demands of daily life. This ability can be developed, eg by meditation or joining a development circle.
  5. Disincarnate souls of the deceased are aware of events on earth and of the lives of their still-living loved ones.
  6. Before incarnation we each agree a specific life purpose and lesson(s) to be learned with our guides and are born into the conditions (inner and outer) to fulfill this. However, our free often causes us to stray from our life plan, although circumstances occur periodically to prompt us back onto our path.
  7. While incarnate, memory and knowledge of our spiritual nature are hidden from us, although we may glimpse this true reality through meditation or ‘anomalous’ experiences such as synchronicity (meaningful coincidence).
  8. We share our life journey with other members of our “soul group” who play roles enabling us to fulfill our life purpose as we also play roles to similarly assist them.
  9. We are constantly watched over by a number of spirit guides and helpers, these may be deceased loved ones, members of our soul group or higher entities.
  10. Spiritually our overriding priority on earth is to unconditionally love our fellow beings, thus demonstrating the ultimate oneness of all being.

If true, what are the implications for how we live our lives, the goals we pursue, the choices we make?


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