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by Glinda Hickory

Guess what. We all vibrate. We are always vibrating. These vibrations have been recorded and called "thought waves”, or “brain waves". They are real, they are measurable, and we are transmitting them constantly.

If you know anything about radios, you know that they have an oscillator that must be set to a certain frequency to receive whatever is being broadcast on that frequency. The universal law that allows this is called, “Law of Attraction” and it states, “That which is likened to itself, is drawn”. Everything in the Universe is governed by this Law. The best seller, “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill, was based on this knowledge. Nikola Tesla based many of his incredible inventions on this knowledge. He somehow knew about the limitless energy, freely available that surrounds everything and is part of all that is and was able to focus it, to harness it. Scientists today, through the study of Quantum Physics are proving this to be exactly the case.

Every time we think a new thought, the frequency of our thought waves adjusts. It becomes our new “point of attraction”. Law of Attraction is always working to bring us things that match the frequency of our point of attraction. Whether they be, simply, new thoughts of a similar nature, or indeed, situations or events or meetings with others, which can add to the momentum of the thought and can even facilitate the actual physical manifestations of the thoughts you think. Now, I’m not talking about apparitions materializing before your eyes (although it has been chronicled to have happened), but rather this is the mechanism by which everything eventually comes into your life, and what I mean by “eventually”, is that the time it takes to receive, is determined by the clarity of your focus and the power of the momentum it builds.

Religions call this phenomena, “Prayer”. Atheists would call it, “the Power of Positive Thinking”. We can all relate to one of those two concepts. They are both the same.

But just as the Law of Attraction is responsible for summoning all the positive things we have in our lives, it is just as responsible for all the negatives as well. The law does not judge, it doesn’t assume to know what it is that you’re thinking, for you are you. This law works indiscriminately and it works even in our ignorance of it.

To try and control it, to become more powerful creators, we need to understand how we are thinking. Every thought has two aspects. That which is wanted and the lack of that which is wanted. When we think of something that we want, we would like to think that we are attracting that into our lives. However, sometimes we are approaching the thought of that which we want, from the perspective of the lack of it currently in our lives.

This sets our point of attraction to receiving more of just that, the lack of what we want.

When you think about money for instance (because we can all relate), from the perspective of lack, of not having enough…

“I’d really like one of those, but I’ll never be able to afford it”
“I would really like to go on that vacation, money’s tight though, maybe next year”

…you are tuning your frequency to that thought. And so that is what you’re matched up with… more of that. More of not having.

You must somehow find a way of setting the frequency of your point of attraction to that which matches the “having” of what it is you’re thinking about. Your thoughts on the subject must first “mimic” the already being in possession of it. You must pretend. You must use your imagination.

If you spend more time thinking along the lines of…

“It’s really nice to be able to buy a new car every year” “I can just imagine the view from that balcony” “Somebody has to win the lottery, wouldn’t it be nice if it was me?” “It sure is nice to be able to pay my bills on time every month"

…and you spend the majority of your time thinking from the point of view of being already able to experience it… to feel it, then that is, according to the all providing Law of Attraction, what will be served up to you.

You cannot think poor and attract wealth.

You cannot think ill and attract health.

You cannot think lonely and attract a partner.

You cannot think limits and attract abundance.

You cannot think hate, without hate being shown to you.

You cannot think of joy in your life, without living joyfully.

When you think of the problem, you add to the problem.

When you think of the solution, the solution will come and you’ll have no problem.

We all have to teach ourselves to set the oscillator in our minds, to match the frequency of the broadcast we want to be tuned in to. We need to “get with the program”. Otherwise, just like your radio which works by exactly the same principle, what you want will not be received.

You are the creator of your own life experience by virtue of the power of your focused thoughts. Isn’t it nice knowing that?

Everything else is just white noise.

- Glinda Hickory - Copyright 2016


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