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Fear- Causes and Remedies

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By: Lt Col R K Langar

In Bhagavad Gita Divine qualities are enumerated wherein fearlessness is placed on top of all divine qualities. If there is fear in our heart we cannot realize our true Divine nature. Fear is our worst enemy which causes, among other things, inefficiency within us and we cannot give our best in any situation. In this article we shall examine as to what are the causes of fear and how fear can be overcome.

What causes fear

Fear is a magnet which attracts those who lack self confidence(due to lack of knowledge) in dealing with day today situations. When we lack confidence in ourselves we feel insufficient from inside and see things as very difficult to negotiate. Lack of faith in God also causes fearful feeling with in us. Fear if not checked causes depression. Living purposeless life with no aim is an open invitation to fear. More fearful we are, more we distance ourselves from God. Some causes of fear are given below-

Fear and death

Fear of death is very common when one advances in age. Death of body is inevitable and hence we should know that one day every one has to leave the world. The best way to avoid fear of death is to live in present as death is a future event. In one way fear of death has also some plus points. If one fears death, one would be careful about his health and would avoid eating those things which can cause problems in old age. To keep the body in a reasonably good state in old age, he would undertake some physical exercise like walking. Fear of death could also be avoided by keeping yourself occupied in the present. If you have no work in hand, you would entertain negative thoughts more frequently, like fear of death.

Identification with Body and not soul

Atma or soul which is identical with Almighty God, is the essence of our existence. If we remain soul conscious we rise above body and mind and remain in the awareness that we are essentially Atma which is immortal. Then the fluctuations of mind will not cause notable disturbances. This is an aid to remain fearless.

Social laws

Not following social laws becomes a cause of fear to those who neglect them. Society runs smoothly on obedience to social laws so we must abide by them to avoid fear. For example if you have paid road tax of your vehicle you will not be afraid of a traffic constable. If not then his sight will make you fearful.

Attachment to our possessions

We are generally too much attached to our family and possessions. Fear of loosing them can also become a cause of fear. Attachment should be replaced with detachment. Detachment is a mental response to our possessions. In detachment you love all not only your own possessions. When your love is distributed among others you may possess things but do not have sense of possessiveness like it is MINE. In detachment you love all and are not attach to  any one person. As far as your family is concerned it is your duty to look after them which could be done without attachment. In any case when you love all it includes your family persons also.


More truthful you are more fearless you would be. Make truth as the centre of all your activities. When you remain truthful you would have a light mind. When one tells lies, his mind becomes heavy which attracts unhealthy thoughts including fear. When you are truthful your life becomes an open book where there is nothing to hide. A truthful person is always fearless.

Live with a Purpose

We must have some aim in life, some purpose in life. Life without a purpose attracts so many unwanted thoughts which include fear. When we have some aim in life our thinking becomes one pointed disallowing any type of waste thoughts. These are the waste thoughts which generate fear. Life without a purpose in can also create loneliness within which generates negative thoughts. Fear is a byproduct of negative thoughts.

How to neutralize fear

Some methods of neutralizing fear have already been included along with the causes of fear. A few other ways of neutralizing fear are discussed as under-

Positive thinking

Think in a positive manner. Positive thinking does not mean that everything good will happen to us. Positive thinking means that every problem we face in life can be solved with our will power. Positive thinking also means not thinking too much about our problems. Thinking too much about your problems can cause some fear created by our inability to solve them. Positive thinking also means looking at some good in every situation we face.

Feeling of oneness

Spirituality tells us to have a feeling of oneness with others as the same soul, a ray of God, resides in all. This gives us a feeling of equality and unity which reduces our fear from strangers. Feeling of oneness vanishes duality which is a major cause of fear.

Study of scriptures

By observance of precepts of our scriptures we can train our mind to combat fear. Scriptures must be read constantly.


Fear is the effect of ignorance. More knowledge less fear. Fearlessness is not disobedience but it is more of a discipline. If we live a disciplined life and move on the righteous path, fear cannot disturb us at all. Fearlessness is a must for spiritual life. Fearlessness frees us from bondage, which is an obstruction to spiritual life. Fear can be best dispelled by boldly facing its cause. To face life is to escape from fear. Remember God at all times and perform your duties. This way you will become fearless.


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