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The Golden Caress

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Hesitantly the Traveler told the Blindman about his dream.

"Last night as I slept I was uncertain if I was awake or asleep? I found myself in a Throne Room that was arrayed in Sparkling White Light. I found myself kneeling before a person or Being that I did not know, but felt very comfortable with. Because of the intensity of the White Light with its changing hues, many of the physical details about his appearance were blurred and indistinct.

As I knelt, he stood and placed a kiss upon my forehead and whispered, very softly, "In the Name of God, Most Gracious and Most Merciful." With these words, the Throne Room grew brighter and brighter, until I was forced to close my eyes. Then I awoke; and when I awoke, I felt a warm gentle sensation, tingling in the center of my forehead, where I had just been caressed.

I have tried to understand the meaning of this dream and understand its importance, but I am unable. Who was that Being? What is the meaning of this caress in the middle of my forehead? This was unlike any dream that I ever had. It seemed real. I cannot get it out of my mind."

Gently the Blindman replied.

"Sleep is one of the great mysteries; it is like a small death. During sleep, we close our eyes and know not where we go; then, it is time to wake to every day life. It seems as if no time has elapsed, but the night is gone.

In the evening, when the eyes are closed, the soul travels home. It is free of the body and lives the full life of the Spirit. As each traveler must one day physically die and return home, so, the ego dies each night when the eyes are closed. As each traveler is here for an afternoon in comparison to the life of the next world; which existence is more real? We are here for 70 years and in the next world for eternity; surely it is the spiritual life which is most lasting.

Last night you were called to Awaken to the life of the Spirit. You were caressed and baptized, on a sacred center, by He who is one of the Selected, closest to the Throne; and as the dream felt real, so it was. From this day forward, your life is dedicated to God/Light.”


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