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Sufism for Western Seekers: 10 Learning Principles

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

For the spiritual traveler who wishes to follow the Sufi Path, the following 10 Learning Principles represent some of the dimensions to this ancient form of learning.

  1. Balanced Living - spiritual learning is in addition to living a full life.
  2. Higher Soul - there is a part of us that is always connected to the Light.
  3. Ultimate Reality Can Be Experienced - with training you can join with the Creator in creating your own life.
  4. Adding Spiritual Capacity - this natural connecting with Ultimate Reality is accomplished through a period of training that is both individual/collective.
  5. The Living Teachers - every town/city has the living teachers and when you are ready they will call you.
  6. Updated into a Modern Form - it is advanced spiritual learning with individual variation; and is constantly being updated to fit the time and place.
  7. Life Plan - each of us comes here with a Life Plan and the skills/abilities to fulfill this Plan. Adding spiritual capacity is one aspect of this Plan.
  8. Learning How to Learn - spiritual learning begins by examining assumptions, suspending some cherished beliefs and learning how to learn.
  9. Outcomes of Learning - a more balanced human being who contributes to their own well being and the lives of others.
  10. Spiritual Capacities - these capacities vary individually and are dependent upon your life Plan. These capacities are natural extensions of consciousness and can include: prescience, spiritual states, dreams that see into the future, picking-up on spiritual impulses, reading minds and intuitive ability about people. Often their working is an organic extension/dimension of a situation.


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