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Types of aura

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by Milan Nostrad

Each type of aura is associated with a certain part of the body, the aura is there settled. The most frequent type of aura is on the picture.

General aura
General aura

I call it a general aura, because it has about fifty percent of population. Thousand years ago, this percentage was lower. It influenced by rationality. At that time the general population could not read or write. They had not so developed brain and this aura is associated with the midbrain. Of course, two thousand years ago this percentage was even lower. At that time we had more shamanic and abdominal aura. I do not know what percentages have the other types of aura. These percentages are only an approximation, I have never done statistics.

This aura is 5-10 cm thick. Sometimes even 15 cm. Persons are settled in the midbrain i.e. their emotional reactions spring from the midbrain. In this case is it like medicine teaches. Other types of auras are medically nonsense. Psyche according to medicine cannot spring from the spine, abdomen or ganglia, as for other types of aura. But everything is related to everything.

For each aura I will try to give you some personality who has it. I hope that they are not offended. Basically it is the same as I say about someone that he has blue eyes. I do it because I want you to verify my statements and practice it. The auras are equal. It talks about some characteristics of the person. Nobody has described these characteristics in detail yet.

I recommend you download some photos of said persons. For each group a few photos. First observe one group of people with the same aura. Then another group with a different aura. Finally compare these groups. I hope you will be able to see the aura, or at least feel some difference between these groups. Here belong: Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, David Cameron, James leBron, tennis players  Andreas Beck, Del Porto, Andy Murray, Milos Raonic, football players  Ashley Young, Steven Gerrard a Fernando Santos.

There is one kind of clairvoyance that checks whether someone says or writes the truth. It is certainly a different kind of clairvoyance. What I am writing is in my view, as well as other clairvoyants true. Try to feel whether it is so. This is no gimmick. Basically it is simple clairvoyance

Shamanic aura

Shamanic aura
Shamanic aura

Another type of aura is a shamanic aura. People who have it are settled in the spine. Their emotional reactions are influenced by the spine. If we look at it from a medical point of view, this is nonsense. However, I do feel so. When I look at that person I feel like they have a highlighted spine.

It is named shamanic type because all shamans belong to this type. Not the other way around. If you have a shamanic aura, it does not mean that you have all the prerequisites to become a shaman. Nowadays it is definitely not so. The aura has a thickness of 50-100 cm. Sometimes up to 150 cm. However, it is sparser compared with the general aura.

When we compare the thickness with the previous aura, it is a big difference. But it does not mean anything. We are equally protected. To this type belong people who figuratively spoken stand out and respectively want to stand out from the crowd. They wear unusual clothes, unusual facial hair, and hair style and so on. They show off, are loud on the phone, they want to draw attention to themselves. Everywhere they want to be the first. They are very social types.

Significant types have all these characteristics, less significant only some of them. These characteristic can be suppressed by upbringing. It may be unsuitable for occupation and therefore hidden.

I met a fifty year old woman of this type and she did not have any of these characteristics. During the interview, however, revealed that when she was young she had red punk hairstyle with everything that goes with it. Of course, lifestyle adapted to punk. In this case, the behaviour was suppressed by age and occupation.

They tend to engage in the arts. Sometimes successfully. We know that in the arts it is difficult to succeed. Usually not such forms that you have to practice since seven years. Such as, for example playing the piano. They are not patient, rather the opposite. Into everything they quickly embark, but it does not last long. These characteristics they have in themselves by nature. But there is a second type and these are patient. Maybe It is due to upbringing. These include, for example, top tennis players and this sport one should train from childhood.

Many of them love nature; they are often in nature, going camping, and sitting by a bonfire. Since it is a shamanic aura, it should apply to all. However this is only for most of them. Apparently it is suppressed by civilization. However, they are certainly delighted by picnics with a group. They are social types. Here belong: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce Knowles, Robie Wiliams, tennis players Novak Djokovic, Guillermo Garcia-Lopez, Alexander Kudryavtsev, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, football players Lukas Podolski a Petr Jiracek.

Clinical aura

Clinical aura
Clinical aura

Clinical aura, looks like a helmet on the head. Sometimes like it was  made from foam rubber. From the head radiates slightly oscillating wavy rays outwards. We could compare them to steam which under low pressure escapes through the holes. I do not know whether this is a good description, but better has not crossed my mind yet. It may happen that you will perceive it differently. Also in the abdomen stands out in front a discoid shape.

This aura people have after a clinical death. After a short clinical death the helm is not over the whole head. Only part of the head emits 1radiation. It is in the areas where clinical death damaged neurons of gray cerebral cortex. Not all, only a certain percentage. This damage is related to the duration of clinical death. Affected could be different parts of the scalp. Accordingly the concerned persons have slightly different esoteric skills.

Assumptions they have are mainly for spiritism, because they have been on the other side already. Spiritism should not do often to prevent further damage of neurons. Most of them are in contact with the world of the dead, but they have not developed clairvoyance skills, so they do not perceive it. As I mentioned earlier, this aura and attunement after clinical death is mainly used to practice spiritism.

Iron men

People who have great physical stamina have a similar system in the body. This group includes the Iron men and women. These persons are not after clinical death. The radiation from the gray cerebral cortex does not go out, but inside to the brain and then to the body. The whole thing is linked to other organs of the body and navel area.

Sometimes I was amazed what working stamina some people have. I thought they have such willpower. Now I have found that it is caused by this system, which they have from birth. This does not apply to everyone. Some do have a strong will, determination and motivation. This system is difficult to monitor by clairvoyants, because when a person is at rest, the system is at rest as well and one hardly sees anything. When an iron man is running, cycling, or swimming, you cannot see him. You see him only for a while, when he pass you.

It happens that some people are after a mild clinical death and do not know about it. Just six minute respiratory arrest at night is enough. Such people are in this group about half. Note, for example, loud snoring people. Some severe cases snore so awfully, as if they were going to die any minute. For them, it may lead to respiratory arrest and they may not know about it. The respiratory arrest may also occur for the other reasons.

After clinical death, people usually revise their life attitudes. They became serious, tenacious. Often they become sceptical. When clinical death lasts longer i.e. 18-20 minutes, so it may happen that to the body enters someone else. Usually spiritually more developed. After clinical death the initial aura disappears, only the clinical aura remains.

Tulku lamas

For the esoteric purposes it is necessary to know focus to all neurons in the gray cerebral cortex. I do not recommend to trying it without a teacher. It is used for other purposes, not only spiritism. This one perfectly know Tulku lamas. They are Buddhist monks. Tulku means the reincarnation of Buddha. I do not understand it very well, because Buddha was only one and living  Tulku lamas are several. It is similar as in our country. In a past life everybody was a King, Pharaoh, or at least a Count.

A Tulku lama is able to focus anywhere in the neurons of cerebral cortex. That means to its entire surface. Some other Buddhists can do so as well, but best to see it on Tulku lamas. If they do it properly, their aura looks like a halo. The similarity here is probably coincidental.

To achieve this, they must use a special type of meditation. The available literature does not mention this type of meditation. It seems they keep some secrets for themselves. Ultimately, there is no problem to devise such meditation. These lamas very well understand reincarnation. They are doing it almost aggressively.

Again, please note, that these exercises are risky for physical and mental health. Any person practicing it does so at your own risk and responsibility. I recommend practicing only under the supervision of a teacher. In addition, in this book I deliberately do not include these exercises so you do not know how to practice it.

In this case, I did not name people who have the clinical aura. I probably would have violated a medical secret. I would need their approval. On the Internet, you will find stories of people who survived clinical death. From there, you can download some pictures and meditate on them. Interesting is that this group includes some of the top athletes. Clinical death must not necessarily affect our physical health and performance.

Abdominal aura

Abdominal aura
Abdominal aura

This group includes two similar auras. First consists of a cone and a second of cone and pipes. The pipes are about seven centimetres thick, and up to one meter long. In mathematical words they are cylinders with a diameter about seven centimetres. Between them there is no aura. I noticed that at shoulder height in front of body is a cone and on the sides at the shoulders are pipes. But I think that they can be arranged differently. The cone begins on the body, then extends away from the body. Aura has a thickness of 50-100 cm. Sometimes up to 150 cm. At first glance, as if these were two distinct auras while they are similar.

First is settled in the upper abdomen and the other in the whole abdomen. This group includes all veterinarians, most doctors, nurses and most animal lovers. The next time when you go to the doctor, try to look at his/her aura. In addition, I recommend going to an exhibition of dogs and cats. I assume that all animal exhibitors have abdominal aura. Also the vast majority of visitors will have an abdominal aura. I suggest you download some pictures of veterinarians or doctors.

Ganglia aura

Ganglia aura
Ganglia aura

It consists of a spheres about the size of a football ball. They look like soap bubbles. Usually one interferes with the other. For some would be better an image of glass balls. People with this aura are settled in the ganglia’s. In principle, there are three ganglia centres. Two ganglia about the size of a bean in the head, two behind the stomach and two behind the bladder.

In addition to these large ganglia we have minor ganglia of pinhead size. Throughout the body we have a large number of them. These people like ants, spiders, tarantulas and other similar insects. Best to see this aura is on students and teachers of entomology. This is the science branch of zoology that deals with the study of insects. Also here belong some people that do not overly like insects. Here belong tennis players Thomaz Bellucci, Grigor Dimitrov, Romina Oprandi, Magdalena Rybarikova a Lucie Safarova.

The best healers have this type of aura. Not the other way around, that anyone who has this aura is a healer. Of course there are many healers who have a different kind of aura, but the best of them have this kind of aura. When these people are moral and have a greater aura (sometimes five meters), so we feel good close to them and we seek out their company. This aura is rare.

Cell aura

Cell aura
Cell aura

Some people are able to psychically penetrate into nuclei of cells. Eventually even further. It is a psychical penetration into a particular area of a small number of neurons in the cells themselves. Usually they are unaware of this penetration. Such persons are few, this aura is rare. Most of them have damaged nerve endings. The aura consist of balls about the size of a tennis ball.

These mental penetrations are the same as in Silva Method, which deals with the oscillation, vibration and resonance some of the membranes of the human body. It is advisable to use the vocal cords and a special way of breathing. You can try the peritoneum and abdominal muscle pressure on it. There are also other options.

To knowingly penetrate into cells we proceed equally as with science. We select the cell and enlarge it as if below a microscope. For example, on your hand mark a circle with diameter four cm. This entire circle you vibrate. Also you tune like in Silva Method. Then you choose one cell and enlarge it as if below microscope. In this manner you psychically get into the cell. I do not know, whether you will succeed without having a teacher.

Silva method claims that everything oscillates, everything vibrates. If we go into the micro world down to the level of protons and electrons, that's true. At this level, even the most solid material vibrates. Here belong tennis players Marcos Baghdatis, Ilija Bozoljac, Juan Carlos Ferrero,  Andrey Golubev, Simona Halep, Edouard Roger-Vasselin a Vera Zvonareva.

Professions mentioned by individual auras are more informative. It happens that someone graduated from one field, working in completely different field and an assumption has also for something else. It is more about assumptions.

Cerebellar aura

Another type of aura is a cerebellar aura. People who have the cerebellar aura, of course, are settled in the cerebellum. It consists of rays which come out from the cerebellum, leading in all directions. This aura has mostly Jews. They are settled in cerebellum and probably therefore they are more successful in life. Almost all Jews have this kind of aura. What if Jew is a doctor?  As we know, doctors have abdominal aura. This means that he can have cerebellar or abdominal aura. I suppose that it will be a combination of both auras. One of them may be stronger. When a Jew has a shamanic aura then usually they have two auras, hence their mixture. It is individual. Various combinations of aura are possible.

This group includes also non Jews. Numerically it is a smaller group than the number of Jews. As we know, Jews have lived in many countries. The population was mixed throughout history. This is happening today, as well.

Many Jews were forced to convert to another religion. A few centuries ago it was quite normal. This applied not only for Jews but also for Christians. As an example I mention the reign of King Henry VIII of England. During his reign many Catholics had to change their faith.

Perhaps this group includes people who have also Jewish blood. Many of them even do not know about that. I did not examine it in detail. It would be difficult. For perception of this aura it is best to practice on Jewish rabbis, or on members of the Israeli government.

Disk aura

Very rare is a disk aura. It is similar to the aura of ganglia, but instead of spherical shape consists of disks. These disks are about 14 cm wide and two centimetres thick. These are not bubbles, it is some other material. To the body are turned sideways, with their flat side. Usually these disks are bent and look like a plates, but two centimetres thick. The name plate aura would be more accurate, but I did not like it. So far it is disk aura and over time I will decide. These people are settled in the periosteum. People settled  in the bones have different aura again.  Here belong tennis players Nikolaj Davydenko, Jaziri Malek, Bjorn Phau a  Samantha Stosur.

Cosmic aura

Astronauts who have been in orbit for more than four months, their initial aura have been automatically changed to cosmic aura, hence the name cosmic aura. This aura is actually all auras together. So it looks like. It is a mixture of all auras. For individuals, however, there may be minor differences. One type of aura can be more significant than others.

Another source of cosmic aura can be found in people whose mother was hyperactive during pregnancy. They have the cosmic aura as well. Inquietude and restlessness caused cosmic aura status. For these children, the psyche has been modified, as by astronauts. Such individuals do not realize that they mentally penetrate to cosmic distances and some bodies in the cosmos.

We know some other kinds of aura that are very rare. One of them consists of narrow letter “V”. This means that the bars in character V are closer to each other. This aura is settled in the subcutaneous fat. In another aura as if from the body come spirals. These last types take with a pinch of salt because I have yet to explore them.

Together, I listed nine kinds of aura. I have not studied auras in Tibet, China, the Philippines and Asia in general yet. Certainly there, are some interesting things. I am convinced about it. Currently I study some other subjects. I left some room also for others. Aura can contain many various invisible objects. There are so many that one man cannot manage it.

Bio: Dr. Milan Nostrad is a spiritual teacher, psychic, medium and writer. He has practiced yoga for twenty-five and esoteric for ten years. He is author of  New Clairvoyance (2013). The book is full of new ideas. Finally something new in meditation, psychic, clairvoyance and esoteric. For more information visit:


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