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Using Your Psychic Intuition To Overcome Conditioning

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by Psychic and Intuitive Counsellor, Kristine Fry

Human nature dictates that we are embedded in a society that will always recommend personal growth within the means of the consensus views of that dominant culture.

We all experience it in the every day yet most of time we do not live our lives from an authentic point or position simply because of the conditioning put upon us since birth.

As children we learn the right behaviours to get our needs met and this learned trait is continued in social groups, our workplaces, our homes, our family gatherings, in fact all of our self expression is often a reaction rather than a pure unbiased point of attention to the needs of any situation.

If we could all respond authentically the world would be a lot more different.

That begs the question. How does one respond authentically to any given situation?

Tuning In To Your Heart

We are often head based beings when our heart is our major centre of decision making for the evolution of the soul and changing of karmic paths. When we feel stuck it is often from the point of view that we do not see a fair way through the current situations at hand in life with the knowledge base we have built up in our heads from our conditioning.

The easiest path out of this stuck state of being is tuning into your heart and by doing so learning what you truly need in any given situation.

How To Listen To Your Heart

Your heart speaks subtly. It isn't arrogant or forceful, in fact it is gentle and opens by you allowing it to be open. The guidance it can give is always there and when you truly tune into it's wisdom great changes can happen quite easily bringing back your flow to life that you may have felt or longed for.

To simply tune into your heart you just listen. Take a few minutes in a quiet place and sit with yourself. Let the days ideas and stresses flow past and once all those ideas and concepts start to let off you will find space to listen. This might take a few times before you get the hang of it but this method works.

Once you are in the in-between thoughts space you can then ask simple straight questions that will come back to you as answers in any possible way. Some people see pictures like you are imagining things, others see words, some even hear sounds or a clear intuitive voice telling them what to do. This is your heart speaking. You will know that it is by the feeling of your heart opening. Sometimes this can bring you to tears and often those tears are of joy as your heart misses speaking to you.

Listening to your heart is easy once you practice it for a while. Simple questions are the best and sometimes your answers might be in metaphors. Be prepared that also sometimes answers might not be what you expect as you may have been deluding yourself for a long time on a certain idea or subject or thing in life only to find that what you have discovered is what you were denying about yourself. Sit with it... let it flow... see if the guidance is right for you.

Honestly... this is a simple process that you can practice daily and learn more about yourself as you do it.

I have been doing this process amongst many when I sit with my clients daily as sometimes their hearts aren't being heard and I am honored to be able to be that bridge for people when they are truly stuck.

If you want to develop your intuition and psychic skills you might want to take a look at my book "How To Be Psychic" available on my site in the shop.

I trust this article has helped you to connect to your deeper sense of self and being. Come visit my site for more articles like this and have a session with me one day. I promise to help you see your life blueprint truly.

Thanks for reading and please share widely.

In Gratitude
Kristine x


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