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A Parable of Earth and Spirit

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An English man and his wife moved to France, but decided to keep their English lifestyle and communicate with each other in the English language. In the morning they eat eggs and bacon. In the afternoon they drink tea with cucumber sandwiches and cakes. For dinner they have roast beef or fish and chips. And before going to bed in the evening they stand to attention and sing "God Save the Queen!"

An alien from planet Zog has been observing this couple for some time and amassed such knowledge that he can now explain every aspect of their daily lives so well that he can accurately predict what they will do next at any time.

The alien may believe that because he totally understands what goes on in this one house he understands human behavior in its entirety. But as soon as he extends his attention to their neighborhood his belief system falls apart.

The English man's house is the material plane. The neighborhood, and entire environment, in which it exists is Spirit. The alien and his knowledge are science. The lesson is that while science works extremely well within the material domain it can say very little about the greater reality of which the material is but part.


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