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Staying Sane

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

How deep the stillness, when I call the Name. Going inward frees me from myself and I am home again. Into that realm that is truly me and has been me since the souls were created.  Ancient and deep, travels this current through my soul; it is the place where I join with the Light and we dance together again.

Long have I been in this world; although it seems that I arrived just last week. All these opposites reconcile and are washed away in the ocean of my soul; for deep within, my soul dances with the Infinite. All I need do is go inward and recognize myself; that part which has always been, and has always been with the Light. Then I am still, at peace with myself and the Source.

In this world, how I grow tired of spiritual exploring and words. Words are but the vehicle to travel to myself. Now that I know who I am: I am free from words, using them only as a pathway to go inward; or to remind my fellow travelers of their eternal home within themselves and their own soul.

If I could actually share with you and describe the beauty of this stillness that waits within, you would call me a madman or a liar. Fortunately, so you will call me neither, I can only spin words, reminding you of your own inner song.

Learn to go inward. Learn to recognize yourself amidst yourself. O spiritual traveler, this is the only way to remain sane, in this world, and know who you really are; becoming One with the Infinite.

So you say, I speak in riddles that have no meaning? Go deeper. Know who you are!

*          *

To concentrate
And truly be in the present,
One with God,
Is to transcend time and space.

*          *

I cannot tell you of my experience. Nor can I share with you the joy of the unseen world. However what I can give you is the Name of God. The Name is a treasure that will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

*          *

No one’s life is easy;
To each is a struggle.

Only the perfected ones
Are able to look at pain and laugh.
To them, joy and pain fade
In Realization of the Light.

*          *

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