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The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart

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The Call of Sedona

“Ilchi Lee's work flows from a deep curiosity and regard for the spiritual dimensions of human experience.”
Oscar Arias Sanchez, President of Costa Rica, Nobel Peace Laureate

One of America’s most renowned spiritual leaders – Ilchi Lee of Sedona, Arizona has just launched a life-changing new book called The Call of Sedona:  Journey of the Heart. This is an essential book for anyone seeking peace, enlightenment and happiness – not just the spiritually-minded or fans of Sedona.

This is a great time to buy this enormously significant and uplifting work. Those of you who buy now will enjoy the following:

Why you’re being offered all of this, for under $13

The launch of a new book is critical to its long-term success. With important books such as this one, publishers want strong early sales and word-of-mouth. They offer generous bonuses – worth far more than the cost of the book – to a special group of influential readers (like you) to kick-start sales numbers and spread the word.

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The lure of Sedona – and Ilchi Lee

You’ve probably heard of Sedona, Arizona. Like Machu Picchu in Peru, it has become a mecca of enlightenment, where the landscape itself is imbued with a mysterious spiritual power that draws millions of people to this small town in the desert every year.

One of the irresistible draws of Sedona is philosopher and educator Ilchi Lee, author of 33 books of profound spiritual guidance. Sedona, Lee believes, has a unique power to open people’s eyes to the magnificence of the Earth and their own souls, and to uplift their consciousness. But, he argues, you don’t necessarily have to travel there to gain the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

In his new book, The Call of Sedona:  Journey of the Heart, Lee describes how anyone – from CEO’s to homemakers – can achieve enlightenment, purpose and fulfillment by experiencing the true spirit of Sedona, even without stepping onto its soil. He teaches you many of the same meditation techniques and exercises you’d learn from time spent with him, but without investing the time and airfare.

The purpose of this book

Why put his wisdom in a book? Because Lee believes that while not everyone can afford the journey to Sedona, all deserve the same opportunities for spiritual enlightenment. His life’s mission is to share it with as many as possible.

Of course, if you win one of the three getaways to Sedona, you’ll experience in person this beautiful and profound place. And just by buying the book, you’re going to be able to join him for a live phone discussion – something he rarely does.

“For Ilchi Lee, enlightenment is not some obscure mystical path attainable only for those few who sit meditating on a mountaintop. He offers a common sense way to fulfillment for every individual.”
Seymour Topping, Former New York Times  Managing Editor

“The essence of the message that Sedona has conveyed to me is that inside each one of us there is a much greater and more beautiful truth and dream than the ordinary ones we know. And that we already have everything we need to achieve them.”
– Ilchi Lee

This deal ends soon

Even without the extra bonuses, I feel this is a book all of us should read in order to realize our unlimited potential for achieving spiritual growth in a world that often buries us in the mundane responsibilities of daily life. And Ilchi Lee is an incomparable guide. Please click the link to get the book and bonuses today!

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