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The ghost mobile

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Contributed by Alan Aitcheson

A true story, hard to believe but it really did happen, real life can be far stranger at times than fiction.

I was talking to a friend the other night recalling a couple of spooky events that took place several years ago. When my eldest daughter was in her final year at school I bought her a new mobile/cell phone, she used it for a year or more then decided to buy herself a new one. I had the old mobile phone back and used it myself for a further year before it become obsolete. I smashed it and threw it in the bin.

Totally forgetting about it, until two policemen arrived at my door around two years after getting rid of the phone; they informed me that an emergency 999 call had been made and I was the named owner of the mobile phone. I told the police that I did not make any phone calls to the emergency services. I asked them to make sure they had the right person, so they contacted their headquarters, but it was confirmed my name did come up as the person who made the emergency call. So I got the mobile I had at the time and asked them the number when they told me I nearly fell to the floor it was the mobile that I had destroyed which had made the phone call. They again checked with their headquarters and they in turn checked with Orange and it was established that the number was dead and disconnected. They checked with their headquarters who in turn checked with Orange and confirmed that the number was disconnected and dead. They left my home looking rather bewildered. The incident left me scratching my head with puzzlement.

Last year two Policewomen knocked my door, opening my door those two policewomen looked rather serious, again informing me that I had made a hoax emergency call to the emergency services, and in no uncertain terms made it clear to me that it was a criminal act to do so without there being an emergency. Again I told them I had not made any phone calls to the emergency number. Then it struck me that it was a repeat of the last incident with my now long dead mobile-phone. I asked them to check with their headquarters which they did, and to their utter astonishment the phone had been disconnected and the line dead for over four years, they could not believe a dead mobile phone was actually making ghostly calls. You cannot imagine the look on those two policewomen’s faces when they left my home.

Don’t you think that was spooky...? And it happened...!


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