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December 21, 2012 and Nostradamus Have Been Scaring People on the History Channel

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I guess the idea of the world ending as we know it can be a scary proposition, and sensationalizing the negative possibilities is much less boring than the happy ending. Perhaps that's why horror movies do so well. It's just more fun to watch something scary than something that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling about the future. Aren't we supposed to be scared about the future anyway? It's so intimidating and capricious. Even when we read or listen to Nostradamus, Edgar Casey, or any person reporting the ability to see the future, can we truly trust what they are saying? We unusually can not identify their predictions until we find something happening that we can attach to their predictions. Before something happens, we can only venture a guess as to what they are saying. The truth is that while we are inundated with the scientific details of why the end of the world is exactly what was predicted, we miss the full message of the prophecy. There are two sides of the story. Without going into all of that scientific detail, one thing the History Channel admits is that Nostradamus always mentions in his predictions is that there are more than one possible outcome. He does not fail to mention the personal choice that we all have that could ultimately influence the outcome of our impending doom.

The Truth about the Prophecy

The truth about Nostradamus' prophecy can be found through a study of the Mayan calendar system. According to the system, our home star, the Sun, will transect the center of the galaxy. At the same time, earth's rotation will also change, like the wobble of a spinning top. This is one point that scares people, but when I spin a top and it wobbles, it still spins in the same direction. Some have stated that the earth's changing orientation will change the gravitational field of the planet. I emphatically disagree. I'm no mathematician, but if my top keeps spinning with no perceptible negative concerns, why would our planet's spin and gravitational pull suddenly work under some other laws of physics? I hold fast to the cyclical nature of the calendar and astrology of the time. The Maya where to most advanced society in terms of astrological knowledge at the peak of their power. Their pyramids and calendar system are a demonstration of the beauty of their connection with the universe. They were able to look out beyond our solar system, track occurrences and assign formations of the heavens to attributes of our physical world. They then repeated the cycle over and over, and with uncanny accuracy were able to duplicate the prophetic abilities of Nostradamus and other seers of the future.

What this means for us

Relax. If one studies the prophecies, Revelations, and the Mayan calendar system, one can be comforted by the words "as we know it". The world will change "as we know it". The world has already changed as we know in the past twenty years. I remember when certain companies would only accept new employees in a specified area after they performed work in that area for free. Now students come out of colleges without practical experience; they are expected to learn via on the job training. Television is now "HD". Cellular phones have video capability (thanks Captain Kirk). Things change, and the malleable human race continues to change with the changes in the Universe. This is our relationship with the Universe. I am grateful that we continue to grow and thrive. Consequently, according to the Mayan calendar system, in the age we live in, prior to the Age of Aquarius, and starting around November 2011, is one where we all will be conscious of our ability to co-create our existence. But that is another story.

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