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2011 - The Year of Radical Change

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As we watch with horror the scenes of devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan one cannot help but wonder if there is any deeper significance to the increasingly severe natural disasters (in Australia, New Zealand and now Japan) along with growing political unrest that is taking place this year.

The question has added poignancy given the range of ancient predictions of some radical change due to take place around this time. The Christian faith tells of the second-coming of Christ and the emergence of the "Kingdom of God" being preceded by all manner of disasters both natural and man-made. 2012 is said to coincide with the end of a 5,125-year cycle in the Mayan "Long Count" calendar. The predictions of Nostradamus have also been interpreted as suggesting doomsday is close at hand.

A more optimistic interpretation of recent upheaval is that instead of heralding the end of life on earth these events mark the start of a new era. Mankind's history, while demonstrating enormous scientific and technical progress, has been marked by increasingly destructive wars over essentially nothing and egotistical personal cravings for wealth and power at the expense of one's fellow beings.

If any good at all may come from disasters such as that seen in Japan it is that during such crises petty differences are set aside and everyone, including former rivals, come together to work for the common good. And, maybe, this is the nature of the radical change of which we may be witnessing the start.


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