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Gambling and psi

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Psi Performance and Gambling Strategy

How you can use your innate psychic abilities to bring success in gambling of various kinds.

What is Gambling?

Gambling is the risk of some present moment utility in the hope of increased future utility. Gambling may take many forms, some obvious - others not so. For example:

  • National/State lotteries
  • Roulette
  • Slot machines
  • Card games
  • Betting on sports such as horse racing, football...
  • Investments
  • Making a life-changing decision such as moving, changing job, getting married...

The above examples differ in whether outcomes are totally random - eg lotteries and roulette, or whether advantage may apparently be gained from application of knowledge and intellect, eg sports betting, investment. They also differ in their odds, or probability of success.

Buying a lottery ticket is really buying a dream. The chance of success is extremely slim, but until the draw is made or the result checked there is that real chance it could be you! On the other hand, though investments may vary hugely in risk we hope that whatever we place in what we describe as "investments" will eventually yield a positive return. In the middle of course lie activities like card games and sport betting in which we have genuine hope of success, but no guarantee.

What is psi?

Given a model of humanity as Spirit embodied in flesh, psi (psychic functioning, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition...) is that part of our incarnate, individuated self that remains closest to our Spiritual essence. It is the hunches that we all experience at one time or another. The feeling that we know who's calling before we pick up the phone, the urge to take a different route that avoids the hold up. We've all experienced serendipity, or the fortunate accident, at some time or another - but perhaps such instances aren't accidental at all

The truth is that we're sent here to learn, and while we're here our attachment to our essential, Spiritual reality is purposefully weak - else we would not experience and learn to the full. Thus in most of us those flashes of happy coincidence are sadly rare. There are however some for whom they are a more common, almost regular occurrence, and all of us may increase their strength and frequency through the practice of psychic development. See Develop Psychic Powers and Mediumship.

So, psi is something we all have. Though some are naturally better than others it is also something we can all improve through practice. It is also a necessarily imperfect ability. In a laboratory card guessing exercise with a 20% chance success rate, anyone hitting a consistent score of 25% would be considered a psychic superstar! This does not reflect any imperfection of Spirit itself, merely that while here we're supposed to rely mainly on our earthly, rather than psychic, faculties.

Which psychic abilities are used in gambling?

All of the classic skills that are together described as psi could be at work. The most obvious is precognition - the acquisition of future knowledge over and above that which may be ascertained from what is currently known. Also psychokinesis (or PK), the influencing of physical processes by non-physical (ie psychic) means. But clairvoyance and telepathy may also play a role in gaining access to normally hidden present knowledge or the inner thoughts of key individuals.

Spiritual teachings commonly state that time is not the one-way linearity that we experience as incarnate entities, but is actually something far more complex. The work of parapsychologist Helmut Schmidt showed that participants could actually influence events that had already taken place (but hadn't yet been observed) through psychic means. This faculty is termed retro-PK. So in fact what we perceive as different psychic faculties may all be parts of a single capability.


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