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Is Spiritualism Real?

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Readings Received at 2 local Spiritualist Churches: January 2013 - April 2015


I attended regularly (more or less weekly, with some gaps) one of two local Spiritualist churches for some years to mid-2015 (when I stopped attending for various reasons). This article summarises and attempts to assess for accuracy and meaning this briefest snapshot of Spiritualist practice.


In order to obtain an “objective” score, each testable statement made by the medium was given an estimated probability (and hence odds) of being correct given information available to medium (eg my appearance, previous answers in reading, potential memory of previous readings etc). Statements were treated as unit stake “bets” at assessed odds. NB: i) where statement was true but in very broad sense (eg name was someone I knew casually many years ago) bet was calculated at less than unit stake; ii) estimated odds  may unconsciously reflect my desire for Spiritualism to be real. Score is total return/loss of all bets for a reading. (more…)


Spiritualist Beliefs

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In the early days of Spiritualism in the 19th century the medium Emma Hardinge Britten channelled what came to be accepted as the Seven Principles of Spiritualism.

This article details the key philosophical beliefs that appear fundamental to Spiritualism in the early 21st century. (more…)


Is there life after death?

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by Katrina-Jane

Being a clairvoyant medium, I have had so many people come through the door and tell me that they have been waiting for a sign from a loved one that has passed over, yet they haven’t received anything. And they just want to know that their loved one is alright.

This of course, raises the question of, ‘is there life after death?’  My answer to that is a simple ‘yes’.  I firmly believe that there is and I have had far too many instances of those in the spirit world giving messages of proof to their loved ones here on this earth for me to ever doubt that there is more to life than just our existence here.

I could give you hundreds of examples but I will contain it to just one. (more…)


How to Become Psychic

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Psychic Ability and Mediumship

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Psychic ability and mediumship are very similar in that both involve the acquisition of knowledge by non-physical means, ie other than passing through the physical senses. The difference lies in the source of that knowledge. The distinction is a nebulous one with both psychics and mediums switching between faculties, often without realizing.

In mediumship knowledge is received from distinct Spiritual entitles, often (but not necessarily) those that have previously lived on earth.

In psychic functioning knowledge is received from other incarnate Spirits (as in telepathy, or mind reading) or by the seer using their own Spiritual part to reach out and obtain otherwise hidden knowledge of the physical realm.

The distinction doesn’t usually matter, as the information obtained is likely to be equally accurate. (more…)


The Seven Principles of Spiritualism

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A Personal Interpretation

The seven principles described here were given in the 19th century through the mediumship of Emma Hardinge Britten. They are widely accepted by Spiritualists and Spiritualist organizations around the world as the cornerstone of their philosophy. However, these principles are worthy of reflection by all faiths as well as those of none.

1 The Fatherhood of God

This principle is the recognition that everything that exists - you, me, all humanity, the entire physical universe - emanates from a single, purposeful "source" commonly referred to as God, Spirit etc. (more…)


The Wisdom of Silver Birch

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Silver Birch is arguably the most famous guide and prolific teacher in the history of Spiritualism. Though presenting himself as a North American Indian the wisdom of this timeless master transcends both history and culture.

The philosophy of Silver Birch was channeled over an incredible 61 years by trance medium and founder of Psychic News, Maurice Barbanell.

Silver Birch not only provides us with a comprehensive description of the Spirit realm and its relation to the material plane we temporarily call home, his words also provide a blueprint for living a purposeful and ultimately satisfying life. (more…)


What is Mediumship?

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In these uncertain times folk often seek guidance from mediums, psychics, and clairvoyants; but what exactly is the difference, what can one expect from a medium, and is mediumship a talent that can be developed for ourselves?

Stated simply a psychic is a person who is able to raise his/her intuitive energy ("vibrations") sufficiently to draw closer to the Spiritual reality of which we are all a part. More specifically, a medium is a psychic with the particular ability to communicate with the conscious energy of those entities who once lived on earth but whose mortal bodies have now died. (more…)


Is Mediumship Dead?

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by Blake Bentley

Just the word medium conjures up images of darkened séance rooms, discarnate voices, and materialized entities. While these are valid forms of mediumship, Hollywood has done nothing to help mediumship palatable for the masses.

Spiritualism got its official start in 1848, although mediumship itself has always existed. It spread all across the United States and at one time had a very large following. It was a fad. Home séances were being held as often as dinner parties today. The movement even worked its way into the White House at one point, in which a teenage medium, named Nettie Maynard, gave Lincoln a message about abolishing slavery. She told him, “Sir, you have been called to the position that you now occupy for a very great purpose. The world is in universal bondage; it must be physically set free, that it may mentally rise to its affairs of this nation as well as a Congress at Washington. This Republic is leading the van of Republics throughout the world."  Had it not been for this very message, Lincoln may not have been moved to abolish slavery. (more…)


Revelations - Talking to the Dead

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It was with some trepidation that I sat down to watch a recording of this UK Channel 4 documetary on Spiritualism, as some investigations of this discipline throw objectivity out the window. I need not have worried. (more…)


Spiritualism and Evidence of Survival

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Two fundamental principles lie at the heart of the Spiritualist movement:

  1. The human soul and consciousness survives physical death, and
  2. Communication between those who have passed and those on earth is possible.

People often enter the world of Spiritualism following bereavement. Feeling lost, alone, confused... Questioning the very meaning of their own existence. What's the point of doing all we do, going through all we must, if it's all to end with the death of the physical body? (more…)