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Enjoying Signs From the Dead

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By Roberta Grimes

Our growing understanding of how reality is structured makes us realize how near the dead are to us.

They are right here! There are something like eight primary levels of energy-based reality, separated from one another only by their different rates of vibration, with the earth-level apparently the lowest level. The higher-vibration levels are where the dead reside. But far from making communication easier, the fact that reality is an energy spectrum all located in a single place makes unaided communication from there to here difficult. Think of your Channel Five weatherman and your Channel Nine newsman trying to chat without cellphones while both are on the air and you can better see the problem. (more…)


Dying to Know You

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Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience

by P.M.H. Atwater

Dying to Know You cover

“This book is a treasure. It ranks among the loftiest expressions in modern survival literature.”
— Larry Dossey , M.D.

What has been missing from my work, from everyone else’s work, from personal stories, from those who interpret personal stories, from experts in religion and spirituality, from the news media, the scientists, the grief-stricken, and the born again . . . is the voice of the collective . . . inside what we all seek to describe. What lies at the heart of near-death experiences? (more…)


Jesus' Secret Healing

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by Doug Simpson

When we read the accounts in the Gospels of the trial of Jesus and His sentencing by Pilate to death on the cross, it becomes rather obvious that Pilate tried his best to rescue Jesus from His destined fate, and that it was ultimately the Jewish Sanhedrin and their vociferous group of supporters that were the primary cause of the crucifixion of Jesus. Pilate had a personal reason to protect Jesus - not too long before that fateful day, Jesus had healed Pilate’s son who was afflicted with epilepsy. Here is that story as recorded in the readings of the legendary American mystic, Edgar Cayce.  (more…)


Transcending Death

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By William T. Hathaway

Death. The very word casts a pall of doom. Why is it so upsetting to us? Perhaps because it conflicts with two different ways in which we know the world. If both of these ways told us we are nothing more than matter, merely a conjunction of atoms, death wouldn't bother us. We would just accept that as the way the world is. But we know intuitively that we are immortal beings. Our sense perceptions, though, tell us we die and cease to exist. We see that the person we knew is gone. The body lying there is not them at all. Where are they? Where are we going to be when we die? How can an immortal being cease to exist? This contradiction between two kinds of knowing creates an epistemological crisis in us. What is really true? (more…)


What Happens When We "Die"?

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At traditional times of togetherness such as Christmas we remember those who have departed and ponder the fate of personalities we have loved and shared our pathway with.

What is Life?

Spirituality considers the physical universe as but one manifestation of an infinite and eternal source (= Spirit = God). The universe almost certainly holds an enormous variety of life forms in addition to humanity and the creatures we share the earth with. The nature of our source is an insatiable thirst for experience, and it is this thirst that is responsible for this multitude of manifestations, including the bio-chemical phenomena called “life” possessed of varying degrees of free will.

The key points are:

  1. all that exists comes from source and is part of source, individuality is an illusion
  2. source is unbounded, whereas all manifestations are finite

The end of a given life, ie the cessation of function of the supporting organism ( “death”) is actually the point at which the associated life-force (soul) returns to its natural state of pure Spirit, much like an individual rain drop falling back into the ocean. (more…)


Does Immortal Die

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By Lt Col R K Langar

Immortality- what does it mean

In common parlance immorality means a living being in the world who is not subject to death. Take the case if a human being who consists of body including mind and intellect and a soul or Atma. As per the Vedantic philosophy or Hinduism, when the man dies it is only the body which perishes but not the Atma which being a fragment of God is not subject to birth or death and is immortal. Hence we can say that a man who identifies with the body alone and not the Atma would say that when the body dies the man dies on the other hand those who are soul conscious would say that I am established in my soul or spirit and hence I am immortal because the Atma is not subject to birth and death. The Atma moves from one worn out body to another new body and this process keeps on repeating itself till the soul is liberated from the cycle of birth and death. (more…)


Past Life Regression

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A partial chapter from the book My Trip to the Philippines by Hans Carl Clausen

book cover my trip to the philippinesFor several months, following my personal experiences with Dr Brian Weiss and Dr Raymond Moody, I had immersed myself in the study of Past Life Regressions.  Sharing my interests with a pleasant young female who worked at a local florist where I often purchased flowers, she inquired:

"Do you think you can do this?"

I thought for a moment.  "Yes, I believe I can."

"Would you hypnotize me?"


"How about tonight?"

I reflected on her request and how this nice young girl could come over and perhaps together we might share a unique experience. (more…)


Scientists find Hints for the Immortality of the Soul

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Some international physicists are convinced, that our spirit has a quantum state and that the dualism between the body and the soul is just as real to as the “wave-particle dualism” of the smallest particles.

Dr. James G. of San Francisco, a former coworker of the German Max-Planck Society in Frankfurt, reported the following incredible story. “I studied not only in the USA, but I also studied chemistry in London for a few semesters. When I came to England, the student housing was full, so I added my name to a waiting list. A short time later, I received the joyous news that a room had become available. Shortly after I had moved in, I awoke one night and in the twilight was able to see a young man with curly, black hair. I was terrified and told the alleged neighbor that he had the wrong room. He simply cried and looked at me with great sadness in his eyes.

When I turned on the light, the apparition had disappeared. Since I was one hundred percent sure it had not been a dream, I told the housemaster about the strange encounter the next morning. I gave her a detailed description of the young man. She suddenly paled. She looked through the archives and showed me a photo. I immediately recognized the young man who had visited me in my room the evening before. When I asked her who he was, she replied with a quivering voice that it was the previous renter. She then added that my room had become available because he had taken his life shortly before.” The author would never have recorded the story had “James” not been an absolutely trustworthy person. (more…)


The Reincarnation of Mary Magdalene

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by Doug Simpson

Miss 295, a cousin of Gladys Davis, Edgar Cayce's long-time stenographer and secretary, was the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene.  In 1929, Miss 295 came to Virginia Beach to visit Gladys and ended up staying for over five years, becoming a secretary and office assistant to Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E.  Miss 295 utilized her proximity to the channel to the Heavenly Source and requested a number of life readings.  I will now share with you, in order, the information Miss 295 received on her previous incarnation as Mary Magdalene.  Some Biblical scholars refer to Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany as two separate individuals, but the Edgar Cayce readings clearly identify them as the same person.  See the contents of reading 295-8, below. (more…)


The Shining Sphere at the End of the Tunnel – Eye Floaters and Near-Death Experiences

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By Floco Tausin

Persons who were revived after being clinically dead often report unusual and profound perceptions they had in the state of near-death. These experiences defy scientific and religious thinking alike. Some visual elements of near-death experiences (NDE) resemble one particular type of eye floaters, the ‘shining structure floaters’. The thesis of this article is that floaters and other entoptic phenomena are phenomena of consciousness which continue to exist in states of near-death – and possibly even beyond death. (more…)