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Hacking Consciousness

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The Stanford University Video Series

Reviewed by William T. Hathaway

This new Stanford video series investigates consciousness as the source of not only the human mind but also of all energy and matter. Consciousness is seen as the essence of the universe, a unified field which gives rise to and pervades all manifest phenomena. Five scientists from different disciplines describe how we can contact this field and use it to improve our lives. The series, designed by Michael Heinrich, is now available free on YouTube.

The intellectual background of the series is a fascinating conflict affecting all of us that is now going on in science and philosophy, centering on the question, What is the basis of the universe? In the 19th century advances in physics, chemistry, and biology led to an empiricist understanding of nature, and Enlightenment philosophy replaced superstition and myth. Leading thinkers in all these disciplines agreed that the universe is just matter in motion governed by natural laws which are open to human understanding. Reality is fundamentally material. Humans and other animals interact with an objective, external world through sensory input mediated by our consciousness, which is a neuro-chemical phenomenon of our brain cells. Thoughts are just reflections of the material world in the brain. (more…)


Conscious Peace

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From the Book RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War By William T. Hathaway

I was sitting in full lotus, body wrapped in a blanket, mind rapt in deep stillness, breathing lightly, wisps of air curling into the infinite space behind my closed eyes. My mantra had gone beyond sound to become a pulse of light in an emptiness that contained everything.

An electric shock flashed down my spine and through my body. My head snapped back, limbs jerked, a cry burst from my throat. Every muscle in my body contracted ― neck rigid, jaws clenched, forehead tight. Bolts of pain shot through me in all directions, then drew together in my chest. Heart attack! I thought. I managed to lie down, then noticed I wasn't breathing ― maybe I was already dead. I groaned and gulped a huge breath, which stirred a whirl of thoughts and images.

Vietnam again: Rotor wind from a hovering helicopter flails the water of a rice paddy while farmers run frantically for cover. Points of fire spark out from a bamboo grove to become dopplered whines past my ears. A plane dives on the grove to release a bomb which tumbles end over end and bursts into an orange globe of napalm. A man in my arms shakes in spasms as his chest gushes blood. (more…)


The Case for Telepathy

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by Tom T. Moore - Copyright 2013

How many times have you, your family, or friends began to think of someone, and the phone rings and they’re on the phone?  Coincidence?  That’s what a scientist would say, because they’ve not been able to replicate this under “controlled conditions” in a laboratory.   Or perhaps you or one of your family members suddenly receives a feeling or message that another family member in another city was injured or died?  And how many times have you heard that twins or a couple married for many years can read each other’s thoughts?

All are examples of telepathy, which is defined as the transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction. (more…)


A Parable of Earth and Spirit

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An English man and his wife moved to France, but decided to keep their English lifestyle and communicate with each other in the English language. In the morning they eat eggs and bacon. In the afternoon they drink tea with cucumber sandwiches and cakes. For dinner they have roast beef or fish and chips. And before going to bed in the evening they stand to attention and sing "God Save the Queen!" (more…)


"Living On Light": an Experiment

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by Naveena Shine

Part of the vision for the New Age is to ground into this earth, capacities that utilize the vast new energies that are emerging through the cosmic universe into the consciousness of all beings. The following experiment, if successful, can be a huge part of that and give us the ability to attune our physical realities to be nourished by the pure source of light.

I am Naveena Shine, both the founder of Living on Light and the subject in this experiment. The experiment is designed to bring into our Universe a whole different paradigm of living. In this paradigm of living, human beings do not have to eat or ingest any kind of food into their stomachs in order to thrive in this world. At “Living On Light” we propose that we have a nutritional source already embedded within our body/mind/Spiritual systems that can give us exactly what we need to be healthy and well. Since we do not yet know exactly what that source is we are symbolically calling it Light.

If this capacity is real, it will change everything we know about ourselves, everything we do in our lives and everything we do on our planet. (more…)


Scientists find Hints for the Immortality of the Soul

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Some international physicists are convinced, that our spirit has a quantum state and that the dualism between the body and the soul is just as real to as the “wave-particle dualism” of the smallest particles.

Dr. James G. of San Francisco, a former coworker of the German Max-Planck Society in Frankfurt, reported the following incredible story. “I studied not only in the USA, but I also studied chemistry in London for a few semesters. When I came to England, the student housing was full, so I added my name to a waiting list. A short time later, I received the joyous news that a room had become available. Shortly after I had moved in, I awoke one night and in the twilight was able to see a young man with curly, black hair. I was terrified and told the alleged neighbor that he had the wrong room. He simply cried and looked at me with great sadness in his eyes.

When I turned on the light, the apparition had disappeared. Since I was one hundred percent sure it had not been a dream, I told the housemaster about the strange encounter the next morning. I gave her a detailed description of the young man. She suddenly paled. She looked through the archives and showed me a photo. I immediately recognized the young man who had visited me in my room the evening before. When I asked her who he was, she replied with a quivering voice that it was the previous renter. She then added that my room had become available because he had taken his life shortly before.” The author would never have recorded the story had “James” not been an absolutely trustworthy person. (more…)


Science and Spirituality

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Reassessing the boundaries between science, psychical research and Spiritualism

The Spiritualists National Union held a Science Day at the Arthur Findlay Centre on Feb 16th 2013. Audio recordings and slides from the talks are available at


UFOs on the record

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Interview with Leslie Kean

by Jason Francis

Author, journalist and co-founder of a group calling for increased government openness to and media coverage of UFO information, Leslie Kean discusses her most interesting cases and what needs to happen if we are to find the truth about the UFO phenomenon.  January/February 2013

Leslie Kean is an independent investigative journalist who has covered the subject of UFOs since the year 2000. In 2002, she co-founded the Coalition for Freedom of Information, a group promoting more government openness on information pertaining to UFOs, and for responsible UFO coverage by the media. In 2007, Kean co-organized a landmark international press conference in Washington DC on official UFO investigations, which received media coverage around the world. She is the author of the New York Times bestseller, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On The Record (Harmony Books, 2010), which formed the basis of a television documentary on the History Channel, 'Secret Access: UFOs on the Record'. Jason Francis interviewed Leslie Kean for Share International. (more…)


"The mind of God"

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by Olivier Danès

A discussion of new scientific approaches to the Cause of all; January/February 2013. Re-published courtesy Share International.

Today, many mathematicians and physicists acknowledge the idea that the Universe as we know it, with its galaxies, stars and planets, kingdoms of nature including human beings, cannot have been created by simple chance, but that there must be, behind it, what they call "information" – information which for example "tells" the atoms of matter to stick together to form a table, a plant, or the magazine you are reading. (more…)


Another piece of the puzzle

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Interview with researcher and inventor, Harry Oldfield

by Felicity Eliot

New technology has expanded the Kirlian photographic technology, enabling scientists and physicians to see three dimensional images of the energy fields surrounding all life forms, and to investigate the precursory conditions of disease and well being. January/February 2013

Science knows there is something just beyond its present grasp - frustratingly near - but a more complete picture is yet to emerge.

The missing piece of the puzzle in this case has been variously described as dark matter, dark energy, an aspect of Einstein's theory of gravity - a "cosmological constant", perhaps the cause of the expansion of the universe, possibly "some strange kind of energy-fluid which filled space". NASA admits that even now "more is unknown than known".

Science decrees that seeing is believing; whereas perhaps more secrets would be unlocked if that were to be inverted to a rather more esoteric approach - "believing is seeing" - indicating that an open-minded approach to any unknown may allow the researcher to see what she might otherwise dismiss as being impossible. And in a sense that is what has been foisted upon astrophysicists and other scientists who have become aware of the existence of that elusive something.

Harry Oldfield does not purport to know the secrets of the universe but his research has led him to conclusions that physicists might find very interesting.

Felicity Eliot first interviewed Harry Oldfield for Share International in March 1982 and now revisits his work. (more…)