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Hassidic Teachings of Hope and Faith

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by Rabbi Allen S. Maller

A growing body of medical evidence indicates that people who are optimistic and trusting, have stronger immune systems and recover more rapidly and fully from major trauma, than those who are skeptical and distrustful. Painful experiences are natural and normal. They usually leave us with an unconscious fear that they will reoccur. This anxiety weakens our resolve to recover when we face new traumas. Even worse, we hesitate to live and love as fully as we should, so that we suffer loss even if nothing bad ever reoccurs.

Religious insights that derive from powerful spiritual experiences can help us overcome these anxieties by directing our attention to new and different ways of seeing things. People who change their perspective and become more hopeful prior to negative situations may even avoid experiencing them.  (more…)


Allah's Worlds Are Discovered

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by Rabbi Allen S. Maller

Both the Hebrew Bible and the Qur'an teach that the One God created the whole universe to be conducive to the universal evolution of life. Recent astrophysical studies discover ever more evidence of the truth of this Biblical and Qur'anic view. (more…)


What is God?

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I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us... John Lennon

Beliefs about God

Atheists do not believe God exists. Agnostics believe it impossible to know anything about God, including existence or otherwise. In contrast numerous religions with billions of followers believe in the existence of one or more deities of various forms.

Reasons to Believe in God

The concept of God has existed for millennia, believed in by billions across cultures around the world.

Despite the undoubted success of science as a means of understanding reality it has made little to no progress in answering several fundamental questions, eg:



Which way India is a secular country?

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By Lt Col R K Langar

The Oxford dictionary defines the word secular as something which is non religious as well as non spiritual. Calling India a secular Nation conveys that Indians have nothing to do with religion and spirituality. This is farthest from the truth. Religion is a part and parcel of Indian life where as spirituality is the basis of Indian culture. Labeling India as a secular state distances our people, especially the youth, from the uniqueness of Indian culture which emphasizes on oneness, equality, universality and unity of human kind. Indian culture also teaches us to have unconditional love for all. Religion is the highest power component of India which injects human values in our mind. Swami Vivekananda says that it is impossible to separate religion form Indian life. He says that each nation has its own peculiar method of working. With India religion is the only ground with which we can work. India can only be uplifted through its religious and spiritual traditions. Strengthen India in spirituality and all our problems shall get solved. (more…)


Edgar Cayce’s Story of Anna, Mother of the Virgin Mary

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by Doug Simpson

Edgar Cayce, the legendary American mystic, gave over 15,000 psychic readings in a self-induced, deep trance state. Over 2500 of those readings were life or reincarnation readings for approximately 2000 real people. I wish that I could tell you otherwise, believe me, but if the soul of Anna was reincarnated at the time of Edgar Cayce, it was not identified in any of Edgar’s reincarnation readings. But, let us not despair. Anna makes a few significant appearances in other requested readings, and I will now share that information with you. (more…)


The Story of the SOULS of Jesus the Christ and Edgar Cayce In Palestine

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by Doug Simpson

The Edgar Cayce life readings provide us with the opportunity to view incarnations of Jesus and of Edgar Cayce, in Palestine, and they reveal, without question, some enlightening information on a time when their souls worked in consort.  At the time of Jesus, Edgar Cayce's soul had an incarnation as a man known as Lucius.  Lucius is mentioned twice in the New Testament.  Acts 13:1 identifies Lucius of Cyrene at the church at Antioch, and Romans 16:21 names him with Timothy and others.  No other details concerning Lucius are revealed in the Gospels.

Edgar Cayce had channeled two life readings from the Heavenly Source for himself, and neither of these readings had mentioned an incarnation at the time of Jesus.  It was often pointed out by the Heavenly Source in the approximately 2500 Edgar Cayce life or reincarnation readings that the life readings did not reveal all previous incarnations for the recipient of the reading, but only information on those incarnations which the Source deemed helpful to the recipient's current lifetime, and at his or her current age.  (more…)


The Gospels' Veiled Agenda (Review)

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The Gospels' Veiled Agenda - Revolution, Priesthood and The Holy Grail by Harry Freedman

Review by Wendy Stokes

the gospels veiled agenda

Dr Freedman here examines the life of Jesus and what we can learn about his mission by looking at parallels, connections and shadowing from the time of the Old Testament. For instance, Isaac carrying the wood for his own death on the pyre and Jesus carrying his cross to his crucifixion; a decree for all boy children to be put to death finds Moses saved in the bull-rushes and a similar decree finds Jesus taken to Egypt for safety. Moses fasted 40 days and nights, as did Jesus. Many incidents in the lives of Adam, Noah, David, Joseph, Isaac, Elijah and others are born out in the New Testament. (more…)


Unfolding Into Activism

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By Niánn Emerson Chase

I was brought up in a home with responsible, dedicated parents who showed how much they cared for us four children in many ways every day. I was taught basically “to do onto others as you would have them do onto you,” which meant to be kind, considerate, honest, and generally “go with the flow” and “don’t rock the boat.” But, as I grew from childhood into my young adult years, it became more and more difficult for me to just flow along, only seeing the good in others and in situations, for I didn’t just see the wonderful and the good (of which there was much in my world), but I also saw much that was not good and was, in fact, horrible. I increasingly realized that the boat of the status quo was very rocky for most of my Apache friends, who weren’t able to go with the flow of the dominant culture that forced a reality of poverty, racism, poor health, and marginalization for them and their tribe. (more…)


Religion: Foundation for Spiritual Learning

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Religion is the basis of life.
It is the focus from which
All other things spring.
-A. Hussain

*          *

Organized religion is a structure through which spiritual learning can begin and mature. Over the years, as travelers advance, spiritual learning takes place more and more outside of a religious context and occurs in daily life through personal spiritual experience. Personal spiritual experience is the natural extension of religious inquiry; the great religions were created to be spiritual highways for travelers to start learning about themselves and their relationship with Truth. (more…)


Jesus' Secret Healing

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by Doug Simpson

When we read the accounts in the Gospels of the trial of Jesus and His sentencing by Pilate to death on the cross, it becomes rather obvious that Pilate tried his best to rescue Jesus from His destined fate, and that it was ultimately the Jewish Sanhedrin and their vociferous group of supporters that were the primary cause of the crucifixion of Jesus. Pilate had a personal reason to protect Jesus - not too long before that fateful day, Jesus had healed Pilate’s son who was afflicted with epilepsy. Here is that story as recorded in the readings of the legendary American mystic, Edgar Cayce.  (more…)