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The Japanese House

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Coincidence or Synchronicity?

" I'm currently living in a small town in England that is not remotely multicultural / internationally-minded. Recently, I often think about my grandmother (obaachan) and her house in Japan, sadly no longer there. She had a music box in the form of a house of similar style to her home.

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling 'down', having had a disagreement with my daughter. I decided to book an appointment with a psychic, seeking guidance / reassurance.

On my way to the psychic I happened to notice a model of a Japanese house in the centre of the window of a second-hand shop. The shopkeeper told me it had belonged to a man who'd died, and indeed was a music box, although that was no longer working. My grandmother's house had a water wheel outside, this one a well.

Japanese house

I felt that finding the house was a sign from obaachan. The meeting with the psychic pinpointed many of the most significant issues in my life and was very helpful. Was this also her influence? " (more…)


Signs from Mother ?

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My mum passed away last year after suffering from dementia. During her illness she seemed to acquire some psychic ability (Alzheimer's and Psychic Ability), additionally within 2 days of her passing the element in the oven inexplicably blew while we were discussing her and whether there is such a thing as spirit.

Last Saturday I thought I saw mum in town. Someone VERY much like her was sitting in an armchair by the window in a cafe looking out. I must have stared because 'this lady' looked back at me, her gaze followed me as I walked on, not angry, not smiling, just blank, a look that was characteristic of mum. She had the same hair, same staring eyes (like she had in the dementia home), a blue coat and blue/white patterned skirt, just as my mum would wear. (more…)


Alzheimer's and Psychic Ability

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My mother is in a nursing home with advanced dementia. Although bed-bound, having hallucinations, and sadly with a seemingly diminishing grasp of reality she is sometimes remarkably intuitive, eg in recent weeks:

  1. She warned me not to go to a certain dentist. I rarely visit a dentist, and she has never talked of dentists in
    her present condition, but I had been just a few days earlier to have a crown replaced. She could not have
    known that I was due to visit a dentist.
  2. I usually take the bus alone to visit her home, but on this occasion was given a lift by my partner. My mother
    asked if "they were waiting for me". She has not said this before or since and there was no way for her to have known I was given a ride on that day.
  3. I usually work at home and rarely travel into the city for business, but on this occasion had been to the city the previous week and secured some forthcoming work that would mean me spending 2 days a week in the city for a while. When I told my mother I was working tomorrow, she asked if I was going to the city, although she could not have known of these plans.
  4. Her younger brother passed away suddenly and her family decided not to tell her. A few days afterwards her elder brother visited the home and mentioned their sibling's passing to the nursing staff. He was surprised to find that they already knew, because my mother had told them - even though she had no physical way to have learned this information!

Could it be that somehow, despite her Alzheimer's, part of her mind is able to access information beyond the physical senses?


Spirit light?

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On Sunday evening, 3 March 2014 approx 8pm, I was walking home from Spiritualist church along the raised esplanade parallel with the sea. I notice a bright white light down at the beach level ~200m ahead, like the light on a bicycle. It was moving and kept going in and out of sight, then disappeared.

As I got closer it reappeared now at the raised esplanade level a little further along than before, approx 100m ahead. It appeared to be behind (from my standpoint) a parked van, still moving and going in and out of sight.

Finally, just as I was about to turn off to my home the light was shining over the back of the van, still moving, as though its source were between me and the van, but there was no visible light source. NB: I didn't go closer, so cannot 100% rule out a natural cause.



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A review of Colin Wilson’s sequel to The Occult


Colin Wilson is one of the most thorough and prolific researchers and writers on the paranormal of recent years. Mysteries was written as a sequel to Wilson’s The Occult, and continues and extends the theme of that classic investigation into the world of the unknown.

Mysteries begins by floating the possibility that the “self” actually consists of a hierarchy of levels that may be likened to a ladder with higher rungs of shorter and shorter length (presumably meaning they are harder to experience, or are reached by fewer souls). Wilson adopted this concept after experiencing a series of panic attacks that were ended by his invoking a higher self (which he refers to as the schoolmistress effect). (more…)


It’s Official! Paranormally-Speaking, Men and Women Really Are Different

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According to the recently released Report by, the results of the first round survey show that there are significant differences in who, where and when psi is encountered.

These survey results have just been released in a free, downloadable ebook Paranormal Activity Analysis Report.

This survey Report reveals intriguing findings including:


The Haunt of "Cloverfield Plantation"

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by Nick Stevens

If a traveler wishes to spend the night in a beautiful, haunted, historical home, the splendid house built by the earlier owner of Cloverfield Plantation is a great place to do so. The original Spanish colonial style structure is homestead of one of the oldest tobacco plantations east of the Kentucky River. The twelve room ground level houses as well as the surrounding grounds, retain all the qualities of the most photographic southern country ideal.

To reach the old plantation, one must make a sharp turn off south KY 89 right onto a hidden entrance. (more…)


What is Ouija?

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The Ouija board is a divinatory tool, much like astrology, numerology, tarot, palm-reading, crystal-gazing etc. Just like all tools its purpose is to make it possible/easier to achieve something. A drill helps you hang shelves, tools of divination like the Ouija help you re-connect with your
Spiritual source. (more…)


British government release UFO files

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The BBC reports that the British Ministry of Defence today released a large numbers of reports of UFO sightings between 1985 and 2007, including those from official sources such as Air Force pilots.

It's likely the majority have rational explanations, but might some be evidence of extra-terrestrial, or even Spiritual, phenomena?

The reports can be downloaded from


Scientists and the Paranormal

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Plenty of people report paranormal experiences, but when those accounts come from prominent members of the scientific community might they be even more significant? Scientists are trained to be objective, and those that reach the top of their profession have had their objectivity endorsed by their peers.

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, founder of Jungian analysis and originator of the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator, had several paranormal experiences. (more…)