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Scientists and the Paranormal

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Plenty of people report paranormal experiences, but when those accounts come from prominent members of the scientific community might they be even more significant? Scientists are trained to be objective, and those that reach the top of their profession have had their objectivity endorsed by their peers.

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, founder of Jungian analysis and originator of the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator, had several paranormal experiences. (more…)


Some Personal Psychic Experiences and their Implications

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Throughout history humans have reported experiencing phenomena that could not be explained by the known laws of nature. There is now a vast catalog of such experiences, and indeed if one raises the topic of the paranormal in any group it's usually the case that at least one member has experienced something strange.

Over the past century or so we have adopted a more systematic approach to the study of the paranormal, from the formation of learned societies for psychical research, through the many experiments and masses of data collected by J B Rhine to modern parapsychological research employing latest technologies. The statistical method of meta-analysis, which allows the results of multiple studies to be combined, reveals the odds against chance for the amassed evidence to be immense. (more…)


How to manipulate your reality using synchronicity

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by Jim Francis

Luck and Synchronicity

These two human attributes appear to be tied closely together.

If you are able to recognize a series of "meaningful coincidences" in your life ...and ACT on them almost always results in a sudden spectacular burst of what one considers to be brilliant good luck!

The problem is that most individuals do not recognize these synchronistic events, because they are not always related. (more…)


Synchronicity, Cause and Effect

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The term Synchronicity was introduced by psychologist Carl Gustav (C.G.) to describe meaningful coincidence in his classic 1950 essay Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. Jung makes an eloquent attempt to define synchronicity as an alternative to cause and effect as a connecting principle. Jung's theory is paralleled by the paradigm-shifting discoveries in physics of relativity and quantum mechanics which shattered the then widely held belief in a deterministic, "clockwork" universe.

If reality is likened to an ocean, infinite in both expanse and depth, then the material universe is the surface of that ocean, and the non-physical its vast depths. Synchronicity is the observable effects of submerged activity upon the surface. This hidden activity is beyond human understanding, but we do, on occasion, glimpse its effects.

Causality vs Probability

In a causal/deterministic (model of) reality, cause precedes effect thus:

cause and effect (more…)


The Meaning of Coincidence

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Coincidence is where two or more unrelated things seem to occur in close enough proximity to suggest some relationship between them. Eg you dream of a school friend you haven't heard from for years only to get a reunion invitation from that same person next day.

Between getting the idea for this post and actually writing it a friend told me of two instances when people she hadn't seen for ages came into her mind. The first she ran into on the street next day, and the second happened to be on the TV when she walked into the next room! And, on the day I posted this, I happened to be flicking through the TV channels and started watching an old series (of about 80 episodes). Bizarrely the episode being shown was the same that I happened upon over 4 years ago also by channel-flicking. I don't follow this series and don't recall having watched it inbetween times. Coincidence, or what? (more…)