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What I know to be true

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by Glinda Hickory

Guess what. We all vibrate. We are always vibrating. These vibrations have been recorded and called "thought waves”, or “brain waves". They are real, they are measurable, and we are transmitting them constantly.

If you know anything about radios, you know that they have an oscillator that must be set to a certain frequency to receive whatever is being broadcast on that frequency. The universal law that allows this is called, “Law of Attraction” and it states, “That which is likened to itself, is drawn”. Everything in the Universe is governed by this Law. The best seller, “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill, was based on this knowledge. Nikola Tesla based many of his incredible inventions on this knowledge. He somehow knew about the limitless energy, freely available that surrounds everything and is part of all that is and was able to focus it, to harness it. Scientists today, through the study of Quantum Physics are proving this to be exactly the case. (more…)


Teaching Encounter: Whose Money is it Really?

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Many experiences with our teacher- Sam (pseudonym) took place in the mid- 1970’s; when many of us started out in our careers, marriages, just become parents or were attending graduate school.

For most of us money was tight and I remember one day that I was complaining about having to pay an unexpected repair bill; I felt that there were so many others uses for my money.

That day the lesson didn’t come easy and often serves as a reminder that our desires and needs as a spiritual traveler are usually secondary. The following encounter was my lesson about money and focus. (more…)


Law of Attraction Not Working?

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Remember the first time you heard about The Secret?

Perhaps it seemed like the end of your problems and the answer to your prayers? Or maybe you were more skeptical, but decided to give it a go anyhow?

Were you one of the lucky ones who saw instant results? Or one of the majority who experience initial disappointment?

Don’t worry if you're one of the latter. About 97% of people also couldn’t make the Law of Attraction work for them the first time round. Think about it, just like anything else, you have to practice many times before you succeed.

Discover 11 Other Laws Not Revealed in ‘the Secret’ (more…)


The 10 Secrets of Failure

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by Jim Francis

What does it take to be a winner? 
Most successful people do not know how they achieved their success.

Success for them just arrived and was a very pleasant and satisfying experience.

If you stand and talk to a successful person for any length of time you will notice that their attitude and belief system is somewhat different to that which you are used to.

They seem to have a different angle or slant on things which you usually find quite refreshing.

If you could get close enough to these successful people to analyze their belief system you will find that they do none of the following... (more…)


Nothing is what it seems

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by Jim Francis

The mindpower gurus who can operate mentally in theta or some other altered consciousness state believe that they enter a time-free zone where they can see past/present/future events with equal clarity. It has always been considered that time flows forward, like an arrow from a bow but the relatively new science of Quantum Physics indicates that it may well flow in the opposite direction also.

And the more the scientific world delves into the strangeness of Quantum Physics, the weirder are the things being discovered. (more…)


The Law of Grace - Ask and it shall be given

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Life, lived meaningfully, is a partnership between our unique individuality as expressed through free will, and that all-encompassing oneness (aka God, Spirit or source) of which we are, have always been and will always remain part.

During our earthly incarnation our awareness of Spirit, and our own innate Spirituality is diminished so that we may focus on maximizing the experience of life, which is its fundamental purpose. But Spiritual knowledge is always present, albeit below the level of normal consciousness. Our Spiritual awareness may be raised through meditation, prayer, or any process that focuses attention inwards while temporarily tuning out physical reality. (more…)


Good Luck on Demand

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Author: Roy E. Klienwachter

One of my associates at work would appear to be the luckiest man on the job. Things just seem to work out for him.

Those who know him, describe him as lucky. Harry associates all the good things which happen to him as coming from being lucky. He believes these things to be random acts of good fortune he has no control over.

Sometimes Harry even credits his dead son for looking out for him. Harry has no power or control over these events because he has given it away. He won't take responsibility for his luck. (more…)


Positive Attitude enriches life

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By Lt Col RK Langar

Our life is shaped by our thoughts. Man is essentially what his thoughts are. If we think positively our attitude towards life would be positive. But when we have a negative outlook, our life would become a closed chapter. A person who thinks positive sends out positive thoughts around which activates his environment and he also draws back positive vibration. This is the law of attraction which says what we broadcast into environment we would given more of it. It we give vibration of love through our thoughts, words and deeds we would be given more of love. Positiveness gives rise to tremendous evolution inside our being where everything else becomes secondary. A positive person finds acceptance everywhere. On the other hand our negative thoughts often involve us going back into our past where we remember those events of life which have not been favorably inclined towards us. Our aim should be to remove negatively from our life of whatever type it may be. Negative thoughts containing anger, fear, self ego, doubts, regrets, and sadness, drain away our energy and make us lazy. One should live in present without thinking of the past and without worrying for the future. When we invest in the present, we look after our future as well. We can follow certain guidelines which can assist us in removing negatively from our mind and help us to stay in a positive state. (more…)


Top 7 Truths You Must Know About To Make Any Creative Visualization Technique Work

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Author: Mohamad Latiff Bin Rahim

What do you really want out of a creative visualization (cv) technique that you had just gotten out of a "Guided Imagery" book (maybe by Shakti Gawain) you borrowed from the library or a "Creative Visualization" e-book you just purchased and downloaded online or a manifesting article you read by Abraham Hicks?

Results. Like anything else, you want results. You need results. Without results, you'd lose faith in the power of creative visualization to manifest what you truly desire in your life. (more…)


Why are some people so happy... while others aren’t?

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I imagine you know someone in your life who is just so happy that it almost doesn’t seem REAL to you.  They seem to have it all... effortlessly.  You might work harder than they do, take twice as many seminars, and practice all the right stuff, but yet that real HAPPY feeling they have,  just eludes you.  Or you have it for a day or two and then it FADES…  darn it.

Why is that? (more…)