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The Spectrum Of Power: Josh Williams' Color Magic & Healing Techniques

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Author: Josh Williams

Greetings all!
Today we're going to explore the power of color and how to harness it for healing, empowerment and success!

What Is Color?
Color is light energy manifest! Light (as far as humans can perceive it) is made op of wavelengths in 7 visible colors. Think rainbow-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. When light hits an object (say a car, a flower or a painting), some of the wavelengths get absorbed by that object- while others bounce off of it. The wavelengths that bounce off enter into our eyes, get interpreted by our brains and we perceive CoLoR! There's a whole amazing process that takes place within our eye-to-brain system that is totally worth learning about if you are interested... try a simple search for "how we see color" for more info.

What makes color so magical?

That's a great question and one that there are as many answers to as... well, color combination! I have my own feeling about color healing and I will share it with you here. Color, much like plants, gemstones, planets, stars, locations and sounds carries a specific vibrational pattern- think of this as it's signature. Everything in the natural world from healing herbs to quartz crystals have a vibrational signature. As humans- we also have a unique vibrational signature, but sometimes ours can get a little out of balance. By applying a solid, cosmic vibrational pattern to our own, our systems are literally 'trained' on how to behave properly on an energetic level. Think of this as dropping food dye into water- the water takes on the pattern of color because of it's the same way, our energetic/subtle bodies can 'take on' or 'learn' a vibration by interacting with it. I believe that colors and other natural resonances are clean and pure primordial vibrations; literally emanations from the Divine as part of the creative flux. As we progress through our lives, we experience disease, imbalance, lack, illness, etc. - all physical manifestations of something that first took place on an energetic level. Thus, by using vibrations of energy we can give our systems a cosmic tune-up and bring everything back into balance and power!

How do I work with color? around it! The three best methods I've found for working with color vibration are:

  1. Surround yourself with the color carrying the vibrational 'medicine' you're looking for- clothing, flowers, art, etc.
  2. Do meditative deep breathing exercises imagining t a pure stream of your color entering into your heart from the cosmic in the in-breath then filling every fiber of your body and aura on the out breath.
  3. Meditate solely within your mind's eye on a color. Try to fill you internal creative visualization with nothing but an endless sea of your color.

Which color should I work with?
Like all things on the intuitive level- there are countless opinions about what each color does. My goal in presenting this information is to empower YOU and allow you to be accountable and in-charge of your own healing journey. There are many sources online regarding the meanings, healing/magical properties and vibrations of color. Try a Google search or check out a local metaphysical bookstore to explore many ideas about color. My suggestion is, of course, to discover this for yourself. Although 'red' might mean one thing to many people- when it interacts with your specific vibrational field it might not fall completely in line with it's general meanings. Red might effect you with anger while it might give me courage. The technique I teach my clients on picking and working with color is to define for yourself what is needed.

Here's my step-by-step guide to connecting to your color truth!

  1. Enter a calm, relaxed and meditative space. Feel free to say a prayer or invocation as desired.
  2. Call up the part of your own being that knows how to heal your imbalance. I like to use "I call forth that blessed part of my being that is my inner healer and knows the medicine which truly brings me balance". Spend a moment experiencing this connection in any way it comes to you (visual, sensations, feelings, emotions, etc.)
  3. Now, as if this was another person, begin internal dialog. you might say "Inner healer, what color will balance and empower me to overcome/bring in ____(state affliction or desire here)___".
  4. In a calm and receptive way, allow a color to come into your mind's eye. Don't second guess yourself. Allow whatever happens to happen. I once worked with a client who experienced a 'taste' that meant green to her rather than seeing green in her mind's eye. If you get a flash of more than one color- they all need to be worked with one at a time and individually.
  5. Keep in mind that this does not only have to be used for physical/emotional issues. You can work with this for abundance, attracting the right partner, coming closer to Divinity, etc. Any 'initiation' you need help with bringing you in to a new or higher phase of your life journey can be worked with.
  6. Using color therapy is a spiritual counterpart to your seeking professional medical or mental care if that is needed. Spiritual workings are meant to support and empower us working with another blessing in our lives- doctors, financial advisers, etc. Please do not rely solely on spiritual healing techniques in case of a medical illness!

Color is just one of many vibrational blessings we have to work with on our life journeys. Accepting these gifts into our lives is direct communion and reception of Divine blessings and really does make a big impact! I hope you enjoy exploring more about color and it's healing properties...Get Color & Get Power!

Peace & Colorful Blessings!
Josh Williams

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Josh Williams is a professional Psychic Adviser, Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healing Channel. For over 10 years he has been serving clients from all across the globe, acting as psychic client advocate, teaching meditation, ritual, manifesting and spirituality techniques and just loving life!
Josh has recently started offering a wisdom blog which is updated 5 times a week presenting practical but powerful spiritual wisdom for the modern day.
You can view Josh's blog by clicking HERE


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