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Interview with Gods - The eBook

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from Ivan Cavalcanti

Dear friends,

We all live in a living planet, a fragile organism that needs balance to be able to sustain all living beings inside this wonderful network of minerals, plants, animals and men.

As a seeker in this universe of possibilities and information, I come to you with the intention of share my experiences and my knowledge. I wrote a book, "Interview with Gods", which through a fictional story seeks to bring a new way to view, analyze and think about our lives and all living beings which surround us, providing us this wonderful opportunity to participate in all natural processes that sustain this universe.

The book's message is passed through an adventure, filled with actual topics, which exposes a new vision about the physical relations and supra-physical that affect our lives and our consciousnesses.

This book is free. It's an attempt to bring to people independent information and provide them a material so they can reflect individually exempted from the pressures of any doctrines or rules.

I created a website to promote the book, so everyone can access and download it for free.

I would be very happy if you can read this work, and if you think it is appropriated, I ask you to disseminate it..

I stand fully available for any questions or clarification.

The Website:
To download the book directly:

My best regards,
Ivan Cavalcanti


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