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Easter, the Spring Equinox and Rebirth

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Just as the Christian holiday of Christmas shares its timing with the ancient celebration marking the (re)birth of the sun (Son), so Easter coincides with the re-arrival of Spring and new beginnings.

The four seasons represent distinct phases in the cycle of human activity with the solar year falling into two halves of light and darkness.

The dark or passive period gives time for reflection, consolidation and, particularly following the solstice, the emergence and incubation of new ideas in readiness for the approaching active times.

The spring equinox, falling around March 21st, marks the point of equal daylight and darkness. We re-emerge from passivity with renewed energy, ready to bring to reality the hopes and dreams we have envisioned during our winter slumbers. The symbols of Easter - eggs, chicks and bunny rabbits - reflect this new beginning.

If there is such a thing, spring is the closest we have to the start of the cycle. Is this why the financial and educational years of many countries run from April? Our efforts at this time are multiplied by the forces of nature, and the effect isn't limited just to farming and other obviously "natural" activities.

Make the most of the season by starting to implement the plans you have been fermenting through the long winter nights. Perhaps your plans are still fuzzy, or just a collection of ideals. This is the time to transform them into a solid plan of action, and then to begin carrying it out. Perhaps you want to change job, move home, begin a new project or hobby, or just apply renewed energy to your existing pathway.

Visualize your plans as young seedlings, breaking through the earth to be nourished by the energy-giving sunlight. Be aware of your environment, springing back to life, and align yourself with it, for you are as much a part of the marvel of creation as the universe you inhabit.

Of course, you can begin a plan of action at any time, and will be helped by invoking the feeling and symbolism of this season, but by working with nature's own clock you have the advantage of sailing with the wind.


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