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An open letter from Leland Mellott:

Up until the age of 45, I was a secularist. Then, there streamed through my mind in the month of October 1981 a powerful River of Light, which changed me forever. I know this to have been the experience of Divine Madness or the Second Birth or Birth Into Eternity in body vessel and in this world.

This was not a conversion to a particular religion, although I was given to know in the early hours that its meaning traces back to Jesus of Nazareth. No, I'm not proselytizing. I don't believe in it. In fact, I see humanity on the verge of being raised up to a state of person that is beyond what we now know as religion.

I see that we were never created, but always were and always will be; we are immortal beings.
I see that each and every one of us is a center of all of being.
I see that the Sea of Being goes out from us in all directions ... forever.
I see that there are trillions, trillions, trillions trillions, trillions of universes.
I see that there will be peace on this earth, universal and perpetual, up to and including last breath of the last person to be alive.
I see that to murder and get away with it cannot happen in this world. Who murders once has murdered 10,000 times In Thee EYE. (I want to see the killers of this world escape the wrath of those they have slain ... by never dying.)
I see that those who speak hell for others in the Here speak hell for themselves in the After. What is hell? Hell is the absence of light.
I see that all Word is spoken word. It is every word spoken. The words we speak are food we feed each other. Who speaks poison is poison.
I see that we are entering the Age of Woman.
I see that women will create a new language, which will not have possessives in it.

Who am I? I am Son of My Mother, nothing is higher than this. So that, who murders woman murders My Mother.

I see that the power of generosity will be practiced worldwide.
I see that respect will wash this world clean, so great its power.
I see that money will be "earned" in time instead of by labor.
I see that only necessary products will be manufactured.
I see that last shall be made first and that highest shall be made lowest.
I see that another ice age is coming.

I foretell that we will go on a Planetary State of Emergency and that the business of this world's people will be that of saving lives.

I see that the mind's eye of our such (our consciousness) never blinks, never closes, never sleeps and never dies. We pass through awake from this world into glassless clarity.
I see that all is within begins the story in every word spoken in this world. (What is beyond farthest star is within you.)
I see that the way we live our lives engenders the forces that free us or bind us when we pass through from this world.
I see that all are priceless unto the least and beginning there, all are unique and there is no other one like them, all are wise at the heart of the within.
I see that wisdom cannot be spoken, only heard. The listening is the higher act, not the speaking.
I see that when we leave this world we are going to be taken up the time/history of this universe in a voyage which will carry us, cocooned in light in a great Ship of Souls, all the way back to where the matter of this universe first appeared, through and beyond this and, then, across the approach to and, finally, into the Beginning.

I have seen this Beginning. In such enormity there is no enormity.

Who am I? I am you. You are me.. Who I am becoming, you are becoming. Who you have becoming, I am becoming.. Each is the center. Each guides each. All are equal in the gift.

A Divine Intervention has taken place.

In Wrath of Word, come among here, all have been given actual power to destroy this world. (To worship me is to destroy me; who murders me destroys this world.)

I see that those we know and love in the Here we will know and love in the After.

Love is the way.. There is no other way.

It is the thoughts themselves.

Leland Mellott
(Born: July 9, 1936,
Lynden, Washington)
14070 River Bend Road
Mount Vernon, Washington
98273-7289, USA


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