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Web Bot (Psychic Messages Over the Internet)

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By John Alba

What is Web Bot?

The Web Bot project, also known as Predictive Linguistics, is not widely known, or accepted by the scientific community (due to the potential absurdity of the project). The idea is that every person at some point every day, posts, or says something on the internet. That information is then archived and looked over by the Web Bot software imbedded throughout the internet.

It then transcribes the information and interprets into preprogrammed alerts. These alerts and information are what is considered to be the “subconscious” of the internet. The signals and information provided is used to draw predictions of future events.

While it might seem like something out of a sci-fi novella, this is a very real technology that has been seen in action; however, look no further than below to find out the origin of the project and how it works. With luck, you’ll be able to grasp a greater understanding of what the Web Bot project really is.

How does the Web Bot Project Work?

According to studies, it has been seen that humans unconsciously say words and phrases that can refer to future events. It has been unexplainably seen that people who are unconnected, unaffiliated, and with no influence somehow post, or say something like another person. This is how a strange pattern forms; a “word and phrase soup” is created through these strange similarities.

The “word and phrase soup” is how Web Bot works. It takes in a huge amount of information from the internet, whether it is an article, a blog, or posts on social media. The process of using these words and phrases is called predictive linguistics.

When used in predicting future events it has been found that these predictions are focused primarily on disastrous occurrences that happen in the world. Studies are then undertaken to look-over connections and interpretations of the information presented.

This information is then pushed through a lexicon that analyzes keyword density, emotional language, and emotional tones. This is then quantified and used as an equation that is then used to pull out certain words, phrases, and sentences that are vague and slightly nonsensical.

This information is open to interpretation, and may not always produce worthwhile results, it has been done. The information can then provide insider knowledge of a potential event that may happen in the immediate future.

An example of this process can be seen before a natural disaster or when something influential occurs. Before anything occurs, Web Bot is constantly vigilant and paying attention to whatever the internet is constantly pumping out.

This is then picked up and calculated by Web Bot, and the things in which people on the internet are saying and thinking are compiled and analyzed for anyone to read or interpret.

Who created the Web Bot Project?

The Web Bot project is very much a mystery in and of itself, with the actual creator being relatively unknown for several years. Eventually it was found that two different people created it, Clif High and George Ure in 1997. These two programmers, who had created algorithms and technology specifically to predict future events from the “subconscious” mind of the internet, had not originally meant to create Web Bot.

Instead “Web Bot” was originally conceived as a stock predictor, to help those wanting to invest to make informed decisions. As time went on however, what had originally been programmed was built upon into what would eventually be known as Web Bot, and it began to create analytics and information.

As time went on, Clif High made it possible for people to buy the keywords and analytics to those interested in wanting to see what the Web Bot had predicted.

What Predictions Have Become Reality?

Web Bot has gone on record in correctly predicting major events, with startling accuracy. For example, the terrorist attack of 9/11 was correctly predicted by Web Bot within a 30-60 day window of time before it occurred, in that time it also correctly predicted other riots and issues around the world leading up to 9/11 and after.

Web Bot correctly predicted the Blackout of 2003, in which most of the eastern coast lost power, and hurricane Katrina in 2007. While there are other events that happened, these are often cited as the most influential predictions that have been foreseen by Web Bot.

These two calculations are also accredited in bringing many doomsday preppers into the lifestyle and many more to begin looking for what might be coming down the road.

What Predictions Have Never Come True?

Unsurprisingly, this software has never been 100% correct. There have been multiple instances where Web Bot has predicted something, but nothing ever came of it. An instance can be seen in the prediction of a huge cataclysm occurring December 12, 2001; no such cataclysm occurred.

Various other smaller predictions such as the earthquake to hit Vancouver and Canada in December, 2008, never happened.  It was also said that there was supposed to be a major collapse of the US dollar in 2011, on levels of the great depression, fortunately this never happened.

Final Thoughts

The Web Bot’s predictions might not be 100%, but nowadays having even a small amount of knowledge in the future can help immensely. All it takes is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. To be prepared for any disaster coming our way it may be wise to consider the Web Bot in your prepping.

Even when considering your finances and investments, consider the released stock and foreign currency information from Web Bot. If there is ever a chance to know what might happen in the future and what can be done to circumvent or prepare, it could pay to be informed. But I’ll leave that to the reader’s own discretion, all that can be said is, you can never be too careful.


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