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I See Your Dream Job

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Finding our life's true purpose is probably the singular most important thing we'll do, for once we've found it we can then devote our energies with total commitment towards its fulfillment. new age spirituality is delighted to present this Q&A with Career Intuitive Sue Frederick, author of I SEE YOUR DREAM JOB:
Q.  What inspired you to write I SEE YOUR DREAM JOB?

A.  I’ve always been a writer and have written monthly career columns for local magazines and a monthly newsletter. When I got so many positive responses to my stories about working with clients, I realized that everyone is hungry for this knowledge about finding their true direction in life.
I wanted to have a book to give to people so they could figure out how to tap into their own inner guidance system and wouldn’t need me to do it for them. Everyone is capable of reading their own path – the mission they came to accomplish. My book shows anyone how to do it.
I also wanted to leave a legacy, a road map for my two kids. I was in my 40s when I had kids and I wanted to help them navigate their way through life even if I’m not here someday. I intend to be here well into my 80s but the book makes me feel relieved that they’ll have something to help them navigate no matter what the future holds.

Q.  Did you have any unusual experiences writing and researching this book?

A.  Absolutely. When I would write about a certain path and want to understand it better, two clients would contact me in the same day who were on that path and schedule sessions with me.  When I did their sessions, the extra insight I was looking for about their paths would all be revealed just as it was needed for the book.

During the writing of this book, an article about my work came out in the New York Times and I was flooded with clients – literally overwhelmed with clients. At first I complained to my husband that I was so busy I didn’t have time to write. He said, “Everything is on purpose. These clients are coming to you now to provide insights that will help you write the best book possible. It’s all connected.” And he was absolutely right. That deluge of clients took my work to the next level and gave me so much more material for the book.

Q.  What kinds of people do you work with, and who do you want to reach with this book?
A.  Anyone who has ever asked who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing with my life?

My book helps anyone who is either starting out on their career journey and trying to figure out who they are and what they’ve come to accomplish, or anyone going through a career/life transition and trying to figure out their next step. Life is full of reinvention cycles. My book helps everyone navigate those transitions in the most powerful and clear way possible.

I’ve worked with high-powered Wall Street executives, Hollywood producers, and single moms with no education. Everyone is looking for the same thing: clarity and wisdom about what their true work is and how to move forward successfully.

Many people who have recently lost someone they love are drawn to work with me. I have a special gift of being able to connect with departed loved ones who have advice for those they left behind. This advice is very direct and powerful and helps the grieving person understand why they’re still here and what they’re supposed to be doing with their life. It’s tremendously helpful to anyone experiencing grief.

Q.  How has your personal life informed your work and this book?

A.  My personal life story is intertwined in the book and I’ve had a fairly unusual and interesting life that many people are fascinated by. My first husband died of cancer when I was 30 - followed almost immediately by my best girlfriend and several other loved ones. Again, these losses which I discuss in the book help readers say, “If she can go through all of these things and emerge with so much clarity then I can do it too – no matter what pain I’ve had in my life.”

This book also illuminates my personal journey of owning my intuitive gifts and learning to use them in my work with clients – rather than being afraid or ashamed of them as I was for much of my life. Many people can relate to this story because so many of us hide our gifts from the world – out of fear of not being accepted or successful. My story shows that you can be accepted and successful when you own the gifts you brought with you and the true work you came to do – no matter how unconventional it may seem.

For anyone who wonders what they are truly meant to accomplish in life, I SEE YOUR DREAM JOB: A Career Intuitive Shows You How To Discover What You Were Put On Earth To Do by Sue Frederick (St. Martin’s Press; September 2009) is a much-needed guide to finding out one’s true calling and how to realize it. It’s What Color is Your Parachute for those who yearn for a meaningful career in today’s world.
Frederick is the founder of
, is a faculty member at University of Colorado and Naropa University, writes a monthly column for Nexus Holistic Journal, and has been written up in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, and other publications.   
As a Career Intuitive, she combines the ancient system of numerology, her own intuitive skills, and current career knowledge to read clues to her clients’ destinies and to create practical plans for achieving them.  She has helped scores of people to change their lives in her private sessions, and now her technique is available to everyone in I SEE YOUR DREAM JOB.  
In this book, Frederick explains how to calculate your unique path using your birth date, and describes the values, talents, and interests inherent in each path, according to the principles of numerology.  She then offers practical advice on how to find your life’s mission using this information and to make it happen in the real world: including tapping into one’s intuition, ending negative thoughts and behaviors, taking inspired action, and using the pain of your past as fuel for your future.

CONTACT: Rachel Ekstrom
St. Martin’s Press


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