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Is Spiritualism Real?

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Readings Received at 2 local Spiritualist Churches: January 2013 - April 2015


I attended regularly (more or less weekly, with some gaps) one of two local Spiritualist churches for some years to mid-2015 (when I stopped attending for various reasons). This article summarises and attempts to assess for accuracy and meaning this briefest snapshot of Spiritualist practice.


In order to obtain an “objective” score, each testable statement made by the medium was given an estimated probability (and hence odds) of being correct given information available to medium (eg my appearance, previous answers in reading, potential memory of previous readings etc). Statements were treated as unit stake “bets” at assessed odds. NB: i) where statement was true but in very broad sense (eg name was someone I knew casually many years ago) bet was calculated at less than unit stake; ii) estimated odds  may unconsciously reflect my desire for Spiritualism to be real. Score is total return/loss of all bets for a reading.


Although very far from conclusive, my experiences suggest that something unusual is going on, ie mediums can access knowledge that is not available from or by logical deduction from their perception of material reality.

Much of the content of Spiritualist messages is very general in nature and could be accepted by most participants, eg: “you tend to doubt yourself”, or common names likely to have been encountered at some point in a person’s life.

Observation of other people’s messages reveals a high percentage of agreement with the medium’s statements, however this must be considered with 1) most people attending a Spiritualist meeting either believe / want to believe in Spiritualism; 2) general human nature to agree.

Messages appear to contain a lot of “noise” (generalities, un-testable statements) but in totality appear to present a little higher hit rate than might be expected by chance. This accords with the psi research of parapsychology, in which a few percent above chance is considered success, but when numerous trials and studies are considered in totality represents strong evidence [eg Selected Psi Research Publications, Dean Radin] of many millions to one of the existence of psychic functioning.

Spiritualist information could come from somewhere other than the surviving personality of deceased individuals, eg from mind of the recipient and/or universal consciousness.

The Messages

Notes recorded on evening of reading.

27 January 2013 (Medium: GE)

Do you have pain around ribs? Or back pain? Is mum in Spirit? Is Nan in Spirit? Mum's very jolly person. Mum's very much in control, matriarch. Do you live with mum? Do you live alone? You're a very orderly person, like things in their place, like routine. Lady in Spirit brings you jam roly-poly. Man with bad chest / heart condition. Grandad about same size as you. Name of Jean. A birthday coming up. Name of Gladys. David on earth plane. June anniversary. November anniversary. You like outdoors, sea breeze, countryside. A dog with you. Money not in great abundance. You are good money manager. Partner is good money manager. You are very generous to family in terms of time. May be hearing from Jean soon. This year will be OK, no big ups or downs. (Score: +8.2)

5 February 2013 (StM*)

Patient energy - father. Pleased with you for something you've achieved this year. See lot of clock faces around you, interpret as you will, some issue with time. Time spent with someone is like a gift. Link to Rye in E Sussex, did you go there with Dad? German shepherd with you. (+4.2)

24 February 2013 (YS)

A lady who passed in her 40's, was good at paperwork. Do you do paperwork? Don't let something get behind, don't leave it too long, keep on top of things (paperwork or something else). You're now in a good place, stay there. Looking back you've had to go through certain things and asked yourself why, it's all been for a reason. You're aware of Spirit, time to move forwards Spiritually - as and when you are ready. A man in his 40's/50's worked with machinery, would have known you. Lady with you, motherly love - mum or grandmum - had breathing problems, brings lots of love. (-0.8)

10 March 2013 (CA)

You try very hard. Sometimes shouldn’t try so hard & things will just come. Grandad important influence. Grandad burly man, wore brown woolly jumper. Have you hurt wrist. Often get slapped on wrist. Often feel nervous inside about people/situations. Grandad brings chisel & wooden mallet - chip away gently not bash it to get results. (-1.6)

7 April 2013 (CR)

You've made good progress Spiritually, coming in leaps and bounds. Not had much time for Spiritual side of life. A monk with you gives guidance. Ask for guidance when you don’t understand it will be given gradually. Grandad in Spirit, also grandmum. They are with you. You were a "little tinker", but still have your sweet side. When you forgive you [benefit]. Do you walk/run? Fresh air clears head. (+1.3)

14 April 2013 (AW)

Dad's mum with you. You wouldn’t have known her very well. Is there smell of old lavender perfume around house? You have some problem that needs thinking about. At a crossroads more than just 2 choices. Take your time, no rush to decide. Is your sleep state disturbed? If you wake up in the in the night ask for help, when you wake up again you will have answer. Someone around you who sings. Have you had tickly throat/cough? Someone around you had tickly throat/cough? Tell them to rest. You need to rest & recharge batteries - even just 5mins to relax & meditate. A book you're reading, keep putting it down & picking up. Man's cygnet ring you have. Things have improved since last spring. Sunny weather makes you feel better (+2.8)

28 April 2013 (SG)

Grandmother in Spirit. She's very proud of you. You lack confidence. You let people put you down. Some problems with work, connected with people. Rowntrees jelly. Steak & kidney pie. You didn't like vegetables. Problem with shoelaces. Birthday coming up 22 May or 22 June. No's 12 & 7 mean something. You have to watch what you eat. Who has problem with stomach? Tell them to look after it. Someone had accident with bus. Someone bought new coat. Anniversaries in Nov, Dec, Jan. Gladioli. Australia links, holiday later in year. Opportunity for more money later in year for job well done. Rabbit. Don't lose the faith. (+21.5)

5 May 2013 (SC)

Are you Pisces? Someone in Spirit Pisces (to room)? Name of John. You are a worrier. Worry less now than before. You don’t believe enough in yourself. Kitchen curtains white with tomatoes. Dark kitchen. Stoic about old age, knew there was something beyond dying. You remember her funeral well. She was very fond of you. Was there another boy? She respected you and you respected her. Are you in a relationship? You don't need to worry about partner, strong-willed and has her own path. You are a healer. Did she have freckles / mole on cheek (old age). Was attractive, well-dressed as young lady. Very petite. Didn't like being old. Arthritis. She was good judge of character. Policeman in Spirit, old-fashioned helmet, rode bike. Follow your heart. You think a lot. This year time for action. You are being taken in new direction in Spiritual development. Don’t be afraid to try, you'll be surprised what you can do. Grandad is with her. (+16.8)

12 May 2013 (JG)

You know there's a Spirit world. You hear lots of clicks and bangs in your house. You sometimes see strange lights. Look for a beam of light coming through the window and look into it and you will see something. Grandad in Spirit. Name of Bert used to smoke pipe in bed annoyed his wife. Name of Frank. Anniversary in August. Country links. (+3.1)

26 May 2013 (LS)

You're going through a difficult time. Had some disappointments, things didn't work out. In 4 or 5 years you'll be on top of the world. You could also work for Spirit in some way, not necessarily as a medium. Keep the holy Spirit with you. (+2)

4 June 2013 (JK*)

Song "I want to break free". You hear noises. When you hear them turn to them and ask what they want. Do you ride a push bike. Someone who does ride push bike. Tell them to be careful of blind spot. Giving you a St Christopher, also the person who rides bike, to protect you on your travels. Names of David, and Marilyn/Marlene1. Hibiscus - flower. New shoes. Keep your chin up you will break free. Already much further than 5 years ago. (+13.7)

Improbable hit(s)

  1. Marion and David are family members related to each other as mother and son.

7 July 2013 (B/NB)

“Stuff” going on around you that's due to another person making life difficult. This person needs to "pull their finger out". Dad in Spirit? Was quite a character. A strict man, when he spoke people listened and what he said was law. He's telling you to get on with things. You've been dilly dallying. Something you've been going to do for ~6mths but not focused. Do you work for yourself? Plenty of work is coming. Dad says you're clever, lot of good ideas, don't follow through. You know what you need to do. You were good friends (with dad). You've seen him & you hear him. He says "together we can do it", just ask and he will give you the answers. Someone's been playing you for a fool / need to watch out for this. Dad's sorry he didn't keep some promises to himself. He's proud of you and what you've done and are doing. (+16.3)

14 July 2013 (CT*)

You have a burden on your shoulders at the moment. You are looking after/helping people. This will be lifted, in time. You gave advice to someone recently. Spirit said couldn't have put it better myself. Man with dark hair combed back, broad shoulders. Had gold(-looking?) watch with large blue face, proud of watch, passed with lung condition. He says you're doing the right thing. Lady, London-like take me as you find me, gray hair, had cat, would have been known to man. (+2.3)

28 July 2013 (SM)

You need to put your foot down. You're trying to help someone but [they're never satisfied]. A serviceman in Spirit, polishing buttons, someone who was in the RAF. Not sure if he had wings. He was a very proud man. Something happened in RAF that gave him PTSD, as a result whole family was affected and he missed out on a lot1. You're life isn't bad, but there's things you want to do that you can't and he doesn't want you to miss out. Anniversary in Sept, around 14th2. Names of Norman, Peter, Alan3. Also someone in Navy. Write names of those who need healing in a book and let go. (+17.3)

  1. My Grandfather was in the RAF, while serving his family in London were bombed and his 3 year old son killed. Following this he and my grandmother divorced and he lived some distance away which meant he did not see his children / grandchildren growing up.
  2. Two of my grandfather’s descendants (inc. my daughter) have September 13th birthdays.
  3. Grandfather’s son killed in war was Alan.

11 August 2013 (JW)

A little lady. Keeps putting thoughts in your mind to get you to go out more. Essex links. Names of Rosemary, Stanley, Mary. New door opening Spiritually that will be good for you on earth plane.  A lady who had 2 cats, one after the other. (+4.4)

20 August 2013 (PW)

A child in Spirit. Child comes because there's a child on earth who is not being listened to, just being told. Grandmother would never have spanked you, but there is someone close to you that she says would have been better if they had been [spanked], now truculent & you're on the end of it. Name of Harry. Tall-ish man who would have worn uniform, standing upright, is very proud of you. Name of Roy, on earth, links to water/sea, Norfolk Broads. (+5.8)

8 September 2013 (DE*)

Man next to you, looks very much like you. Brings healing energy. Says you should talk to him more, very close to you recently. You feel him touch you on the shoulder sometimes. He is very supportive to you. Looking onto garden. Pain in legs. Raising a glass to you. Month of May. Keep doing what you are doing. (+0.1)

6 October 2013 (IC)

Name of Brian. Short lady, short permed hair, would have spoken her mind. Name of Joyce. Name of Harry. Harry good at woodwork (not carpenter). You feel like you're on a carousel, want to get off. Someone said something that upset you more than usual, don't worry about it. Someone with long black car, old but took care of it. Dachshund dog. May anniversary. August anniversary. No: 26. Window not shutting properly. (+9.9)

1 December 2013 (M)

Man with thick/dark-rimmed glasses, outgoing, did Elvis impressions. Did manual work, appeared tough but was gentle. You are a doubting Thomas. You are hard-working / don't mind hard work. You lack confidence. Are you new [to Spiritualism]? You came to a wooden door but didn't go in. Spiritually you need to overcome doubt and to trust. Short man, dark hair, with limp / lopsided walk (dragged one foot), friend of family. He wouldn't have believed in [Spiritualism]. Ask Spirit and allow/trust them to do their thing. You need validation, validation will come in dream state in 3 night’s time. (-2.4)

16 March 2014 (BB)

You are a deep thinker. You are reserved, keep self to self. Something going on around, you need to take some action. [some part you can influence], do what you can, but don't get sucked in. Name of Mary. Tendency to leave things to last minute. A situation coming where you will be offered something, need to make a decision, don't be too late. A situation around where you are not being true to yourself, be true to yourself. (+5.4)

30 March 2014 (JK*)

Name of Mary. You are [quite] clever. You are adaptable, can turn hand to many things. If you have a problem you [persevere] until you find solution. Keep persevering and you will find success [in what you currently seek]. Someone on earth-plane with bad leg. They should see doctor. Ask Spirit to help persuade them. Someone had a problem breathing near end of life. Be careful of back, bend legs when lifting. (+4.6)

6 April 2014 (EM)

Dad in Spirit. Very close to you. Someone passed with stomach/chest problem. Army connections [post-1939]. Do you do healing? Putting blue wall of healing around you. You're sending healing to someone who's unwell, a man [watch out for man who's unwell]. When you send healing your fingers tingle, color green. When sending thoughts [visualize subject] in a (blue) bubble. Mum in Spirit? Mum's mum in Spirit? Mum's mum very close, bringing healing to mum. Guides: 1) Indian from India; 2) Chinese man, not very posh, sense of humour. Look for gold with Chinese guide. Do you see color gold?. You have an [odd] dry sense of humour. Anniversary around May 28th. Spirit thank you for all you do, eg healing. People sometimes come up and talk to you at random [part of your healing]. Merchant navy, Malta. Names: Arthur, Keith, Trevor, Joe/Joseph, Jo/Josephine, Mary, Len, Bob/Robert, Dorothy/Dot/Dolly, Liz/Betty/Elizabeth, Ted, Andy/Andrew. (+2.5)

20 April 2014 (C)

Very quick person in Spirit, spoke fast, physically active, eg cycling. Life has been stop and go for you, race ahead and then come to full stop. Sister. Change will come, not immediately, or next week or month, but when comes will be better than you think. You don't usually expect much from life, just plod along doing what you have to do. Name Berenice. Mum & Dad in Spirit? How is Mum? Don't worry about Mum, may appear ill, but is alright [in heart]. Dad is giving you reassurance. Brother. Did Dad have a brother? Says family stick together - sometimes! Dad's brothers were [quite different]. Situation with Mum is difficult for her and those around. Life must [run its course]. Spirit draw close to Mum when she's not quite lucid. Don't worry about this, she doesn't [?]. Was Dad an engineer? Dad's saying life is like a machine, every part needs to be working and need to keep it lubricated. Playing cards (Dad). Cards use math/engineering ability, cards might be good for you. You feel alone sometimes. Know that you are not alone. Your knowledge of the afterlife [is a strength]. You say prayers - dad thanks you, your prayers are heard and answered. A dog - tail wagger & barker but wouldn't bite anyone. Name of Pip, maybe short for Peter. Go on with your head held high. (+5.6)

15 May 2014 (JG)

You're into this, you know there's a Spirit world. You've seen Spirit. You've had many experiences & found [Spiritualism] is for you, you enjoy [Spiritualism]. You have healing hands. Do you have a digestive problem? Grandad's here and burping [a lot]. Name of William. Door # 21. Last name of Castle. Name of Colin, passed young, had meningitis. Native American guide with you. Links to north, to Scotland. Are you alone? You have a lady? Is she at home? She'll ask you everything that was said here. Why isn't she here? (+9.5)

18 May 2014 (JW)

You're being gently pushed to work for Spirit. You ask people how they are and say hope you're feeling better. This is Spiritual work. We are always given what we are meant to be given, good or bad. Name of Doreen, she has back problems. You've been asking for help, eg more money, that's been noted. You say prayers. Your prayers are heard and give energy to help others. You have healing hands. Dogs and cats in large cage(s), someone who looks after animals or takes them to vet. October birthday. (+3.7)

22 June 2014 (JW)

Lady in Spirit had frizzy hair / became frizzy later in her life. Passed quickly, wasn't long in hospital or hospice, was poorly for a while but didn't notice. You've progressed in Spiritual work. Yellow healing light around you, have you been unwell or not much energy? Name of Richard, dad's family, goes back. Aunt Flo1 in Spirit says hello. Anniversary 9/10/11/12 September2. You are going in right direction. (+9.2)

  1. Aunt Flo was my dad’s sister, we used to visit her every fortnight, she always gave me gifts.
  2. Two family birthdays on September 13.

29 June 2014 (E*)

A moving pavement, like you never have free time for yourself [or no free will or control of destiny!]. Blue light of healing around you. Man with goatee beard. Someone around emotionally down but inwardly, doesn't show outwardly. Need to be careful how you handle this person, like walking on coals, if say wrong thing blows up. Up to you how you handle this, but get help if gets too bad. Be sure you get enough nutrition in diet. Lady wore comfy slippers with bobbles, lots of love, you've become head cook and bottle washer and she doesn't want too much on your shoulders. Anniversary in Feb. (+4.6)

20 July 2014 (YS)

Washing machine and cooker broken1. Man passed suddenly with heart attack, big man, larger than life character, only been passed a few weeks. You've been through difficult times, had plans turn out badly, but things now improving. Move brings new opportunities, including for Spiritual development. Someone who kept rabbits. (+13.6)

  1. Just (<2 months) moved to new house, needed to buy both washing machine and cooker.

27 July 2014 (SW)

Meat pudding in cloth, suet pudding. Beef stew. Saturday afternoon wrestling, big daddy. Man watched wrestling with stew on tray. Small terraced council house, very narrow, only one room heated - coal fire. You have always been aware of Spirit. Didn't like ghost stories as child. Liked ghost stories but they scared you. Do you have Irish blood (Romany gypsy). You have psychic/Spiritual gifts. Do you talk in your sleep [Spirit trying to reach you]. You've missed chances because you lacked confidence. Your emotions are up and down like a yo-yo. Counselling would be beneficial. You've been told this before (but you probably won't do it). Talking is better than tablets. Do you study psychology - Freud & Jung. Try reading Yalom. Small dog running around - man says more like rat than dog. (+13.2)

10 August 2014 (CT*)

I know you meditate. Spirit are trying to come through on a higher vibration. Do you get feeling of [superconsciousness], like aware of everything? Try staring at a candle. Your mind goes at 50mph (ie: fast). You were reading a book but put it to one side, you should go back to it. (+3.3)

19 August 2014 (FS)

Lots of love from Spirit coming to you. Grandmother and grandfather with you. You're busy busy at the Moment. Grandmother has hands on your shoulder giving you lots of healing. Need to take some time for yourself. A lady on earth plane isn't well, healing is being sent. (+2.4)

31 August 2014 (A*)

A doorbell. You're starting a new project, but keep putting it off1. A short lady says 'just do it'. You have no choice. You will work hard at this project. You quit something totally, you didn't like it at all, wouldn't want to do that again. When you look back you've come a long way. You have weird dreams, write down the happy ones. A garden fork, do you have some gardening to do? Some painting needed in the kitchen. Watch out for a leak in the u-bend beneath the sink. Boxing gloves, someone who did boxing2, he says think of him when you need strength. Books, you don't watch much TV, prefer reading. Your circle of friends has changed / is changing. You'll be getting new neighbours across the road. A coal fire with grate that needed cleaning (memory link). Your house gets cold in winter. Microwave meals, someone not eating properly. Leaving you with strawberries and cream and fruitcake (memory link). (+12.5)

  1. At time was developing a new concept, but finding it hard to get motivated.
  2. Family friend.

7 September 2014 (S*)

Man with old fashioned money bag like pirates kept gold in. This person lost money, people 'borrowed', but didn't give back. Someone who's only just making ends meet. You're a very gentle person, wouldn't hurt a fly. (+0.4)

14 September 2014 (MJ)

Lady with you, very close, brings lots of love. Were you with her when she passed? Doesn't matter, coz you can say goodbye any time and she's not really gone anyway. I'm twisting the ring on my finger, does this mean something? You've had a turnaround in your life. In the last 10 years. Are you good at mechanical things? She's showing me lots of parts laid out to be put together. You're aware of Spirit around quite a lot. You've seen things in the corner of your eye. She says thank you for talking to her. She's giving you a white carnation, should mean something to you. (-1.4)

21 September 2014 (CT*)

Short, large built lady, pointing to hips. You're indecisive about something. Opportunity is here for you now, you are on right path. Sometimes you think too much, just need to go with the flow (ie don't think so much, just do something positive). Feb, March, Aug anniversaries. Being given a fruitcake for a celebration, you should enjoy when it arrives. Large dog, very affectionate. (+0.4)

19 October 2014 (TT)

Dad in Spirit. Dad lost hair at front. You feel hemmed in, this will go on for a time but will change eventually due to friend/family links. You looked after someone, a lady, name Ann/Annie1. She says thank you for the time you lived with her. Name of Michael2. Swiss army knife. If you want to develop Spiritually you should focus on healing. (+52.8)

  1. My grandmother, who I was very close to and lived with for several years in her later days, was known as Ann or Annie.
  2. My grandmother’s son, who lived with her, was Michael.

4 November 2014 (MB)

Lady, just over 5 feet, could throw her weight around, wagging her finger, firm! You are very determined, you think carefully about things and nothing will change your mind once you've decided. When you do your own thing you learn from your mistakes, unlike when you [follow someone else's choice]. You are learning about yourself and life and your place in things, when you think you've worked things out [stuff happens, and what you thought was right] goes out of kilter. When you meditate go within yourself to find the inner, perfect you, which may be very different from what you currently are [with your faults]. Gentleman linking, about 5ft10, big hands - he was a healer, good listener. You are [good listener] like your dad. Need to get your thinking cap on, a situation that needs to get sorted, ask them [Spirit] for help, they will work with you, things will fall into place once you get this sorted. (+1.2)

16 November 2014 (TC)

I like name XXXXXy better than XXXX, XXXXXy suits you better. You have a 'light' personality. Encourage people to open up to you. You help people, more and more people. You've been told this before - meditation. Don't try [to meditate], just sit quietly, don't try to open up, or close anything down [just be]. On waking yesterday morning you heard some words, evidence from Spirit. This will be given again tonight. Are you aware of those who [help / work with you - guides?] in Spirit? A Mum in Spirit; Mum's Mum. She always wore a pinny, always busy. She's not always cooking, ironing, nagging now, she chose the path of [love and learning]. That doesn't surprise you. Nan knows a lot about you, and your future. You want to know your purpose. You will discover your purpose and [guides] through meditation. (-1.6)

30 November 2014 (SMc*)

Are you interested in (watching) birds, in nature? Get some binoculars and look at the birds when you're out (walking). You don't always notice what's around you. Someone is trying to deceive you, they are not as they seem, be careful! You may give out but not get back (what you should). A man with a pipe, goes a long way back, is very proud of you. You have a lot of knowledge, a lot of experiences (things you've done) those around you are not aware of - you should write it down. Someone liked doing pottery. Consider taking up a pottery class, you will enjoy it, being with like-minded people. You are very (generous). You are loved by those around but they don't always show it. Spirit want you to have a really good Christmas. (+2.0)

11 January 2015 (RB)

Things are looking up for you. You will have a full year in terms of work. You have grown up a lot over past year. Who liked football, played in a team? Someone liked lambs/sheep, had farm/smallholding. Have you thought about growing a beard? Your self confidence has grown, others can see this. Spend lot of time helping others, need to make time for self.  A key - related to new work premises. (+3.9)

18 January 2015 (SM)

You give healing. You've had proof your healing is working. Do you [help] an older person who's [incapacitated]? Is it a lady? She doesn't listen to advice, thinks she knows best, doesn't take medication. This lady going into care has been considered but she doesn't want that and you don't want it. Does she have a husband in Spirit? He says thank you to you for what you do. He didn't have an easy time with her. She was known as a difficult person when she was younger. He had a sense of humour but wasn't allowed to show it by her. Did he have arthritis/back problem?, showing himself stooped over. A lady who kept budgies. She has several (including blue and green one) but only finger tamed 2. The budgies gave her a bad chest / cough but she didn't want to get rid of them. She had a difficult life, was [let down] by some people, so would rather trust the budgies. A bunch of red roses has significance, did someone grow roses? A brown dog, had something wrong with face/ear, you sent out thoughts for the dog1. Anniversaries in July, March. (+21.9)

  1. Brown labrador in family that had deformed mouth and died young, which greatly saddened me.

25 January 2015 (DE*)

A man is Spirit, was quite gloomy on earth plane. He has cheered up now and is trying to cheer you up. Is dad in Spirit? Dad says well done for something you’ve done or are doing? Did he have a walking stick? Does someone around you have a walking stick? Being shown the walking stick being banged on the ground. Dad's bringing you fish and chips with pickled onions and pickled eggs. He says proper fish and chips in newspaper not in box with plastic fork. (+0.7)

3 February 2015 (N*)

You are very aware of Spirit. You are capable of taking your Spiritual awareness further, eg join a circle. You help a lot of people by listening. Do you have a problem with your leg - you are being given / should ask for healing. Do you get headaches? Do your eyes need testing? - make an appointment. Someone is relying on you / your strength. You need to take a step back, let them stand on their own feet. You are a lovely Spirit. (+2.9)

10 March 2015 (JR*)

Lady, grandma on mum's side. Has brought rock cakes. So pleased you've taken time out for yourself, you were deflated, now uplifted. You sense Spirit now. Warm feeling around your neck. Lovely fragrance - lily of the valley. Grandma would always listen to you, you could talk to her more than others. Footstool - problem with her foot? Jewellery belonging to her - plain wedding ring. Aug, Nov anniversaries - birthday/passing. 2 daughters - one in Spirit - did you lose a child? Your daughter is worried about something - you need to talk about this. Theatre - did she or someone like theatre? Car-change or mot? Madeline cake. (+7.9)

15 March 2015 (S*)

You're always rushing around, slow down, take your time, doesn't matter if you're late. Get a bike - a 3-wheeler, as you have a lot to carry. (Not scored, too little to verify)

29 March 2015 (C)

Mum in Spirit? Like a mum, not letting go of you. Something you're scratching your head about, this will take time - days, weeks, months to resolve. Need to look behind you, things you are not seeing. Someone in hospital with tubes in them. Was hell in hospital, she's fine now, all dressed up in long dress to go dancing. Do you not like exercise? Showing me running shoes. Need bending and stretching - lower back problem? A roller as used to flatten a bowling green. Did anyone bowl, eg Grandad? Bowling might be good for you. Hop fields. Still use hops to make beer, you're partial to a beer. 'Clap hands for Charlie'. Giving you encouragement. Re: situation - you are right! (+1.6)

12 April 2015 (JG)

You're into this, you know there's a Spirit world. An American Indian works with you. Do you see color green when you close your eyes? Watch for this. You've heard Spirit. Name of David on earth. You have healing hands, world needs healing. You've had rough times, as you get over 1 hurdle there's another waiting and so on and so on. (+0.5)

14 April 2015 (MW)

Horses - like looking at horses in distance. Gentleman, 5ft9, digestive problems, family. Wellington boots. Concrete. Things have been very "hair-raising". Things are 9/10 sorted out, be patient last bit will take a bit longer to sort out. Things have been topsy-turvy - like concrete mixer. Feel very stuck at the moment - like in concrete. Guards uniform. Snails. You need healing in a different kind of way, had trauma, private person, but know Spirit is giving you protection. (+6.5)

* Mediums who are minsters or regular attendees of the church

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Score Calculation Examples

8 September 2013

Message Stake Prob Return
Man next to you, looks very much like you 1 0.8 0.25 I look very much like Dad
You feel him touch you on the shoulder 1 0.1 -1 No
Looking onto garden 1 0.67 0.492537 Did gardening day before
Pain in legs 0.5 0.5 0.5 Dad had gout
Raising a glass to you (esp significant, hence stake = 2) 2 0.7 0.857143 Shared beer with Dad 2 evenings before he passed, last fluid he took.
Month of May 1 0.5 -1 No
Overall 0.09968

16 March 2014

Stake Prob Return
you are a deep thinker. 1 0.35 1.857143 Yes
your are reserved, keep self to self. 1 0.5 1 Yes
something going on around, you need to take some action. (some part you can influence). 1 0.95 0.052632 Yes, in process of moving house, some action needed from me - but very general
name of mary. 1 0.5 1 Great grandmother
tendency to leave things to last minute. 0.75 0.5 0.75 Yes, great procrastinator
a situation around where you are not being true to yourself. 0.75 0.5 0.75 Yes, some personal problems I'm choosing to ignore.
Overall 5.409774


My mother sadly passed away in January 2017. At time of writing (April 2017), and prompted by her loss, I have attended 3 public Spiritualist demonstrations in London. At the first I did not receive a message. At the second (a psychometry reading to which I took her address book) I was given a reading but considered it inaccurate. At the third I did not receive a message, but at the end of a message to someone else the medium gave the name Whitstable, which is the small town where my Mum passed away, it was not taken by the recipient, nor did the medium throw it open to the room. Whitstable is some 100km from London, and I guess there are 100s of such towns within this radius of London. Might it be that in a public demonstration the medium is aware of multiple inputs from “Spirit” clamouring for attention, among which my mum was one, but was lost in the noise? Or is this clutching at straws?


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