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Reincarnation: an Introduction

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Q: What would you like to say about reincarnation?  Is this something from your framework that you accept or believe?

Once again, it does not matter what a traveler believes; the operative aspect is if this is a reality or potential of the situation?

Because much has been written about reincarnation and much has been proliferated as a control mechanism, we will discuss those issues most pertinent to our present western life.

However before beginning, it is important to keep in mind that in some societies this teaching was used and is used as a method to control a population by declaring something like. “Travelers must be content with their present status because it is what they earned; in future lives they have unlimited potential and can gain in material benefits.” 

We must remember the use of a religious teaching by a social institution to control a population is nothing new and goes on all around us, everyday.  Part of the purpose of the present work is to help point out some conditions under which this occurs and offer the traveler another direction.

From the mystical perspective, reincarnation is accepted by many. We were born, and came into the earth phase to learn and advance. Then after completing this learning we move on to something else.  This something else is spiritual and may involve going over what we have learned and making a decision, in accord with the higher elements and the higher destiny of the universe, about the next phase.  This may or may not involve reentering the earth phase.  This process may be repeated many times or something else might occur; depending upon individual destiny and personal preference.

The final destination is to merge with the Absolute and return completed; to assume our role as the son/daughter of a King.

Depending upon a specific teaching, all souls incarnate or move from one spiritual reality to another.  Also most religions accept that great souls return to the earth phase to help others reach higher; the monotheism’s acknowledge this aspect, as well.  Presently, those who follow specific monotheistic teachings are awaiting the return of the Messiah.

However, according to mystical tradition, specific teachings about reincarnation were left out of the Bible. It is suggested by some sources this was done to strengthen the role of the clergy. Further, it is suggested, if the average traveler became more aware of their own latent spirituality they might be less reliant upon others. Once again, this view is presented as an alternate.

A popular view is that one can reincarnate into a lower life form; if this is justified by one’s action. This is not accurate.  Always we are evolving higher.

Note the following points about reincarnation.

*          *

When like the fire’s smoke
We have faded into the night
It will only be God’s Love
That will Guide us Home.

*          *

It is time to go.
The sun leads toward the west.
Let us follow clothed in love.

We go to a quiet, joyous place.
Here you can wash your hair with sunlight
And our spirits can live on morning air.


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  1. Norma Cardenas says:

    Can a reincrate soul try and make contact with loved loved ones left behind on earth?

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