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ALAPINAH - The Quest for the Secret to Health

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By Amnon Josting

Balance and the Balance System of the Human Collective

Nature strives for balance.

Nature’s language of balance is as follows: everyone listens to everyone, everyone talks with everyone, online, simultaneously and without delay.

The human race is only one communications system out of an infinite amount of communication forms that exist in nature. Although it is a unique system unmatched by any other in the observable universe, it does not defy the laws of nature.

We too, as individuals and as a human collective, strive for balance.

Every animal we know lives in harmony with nature instinctively and innately, but we act differently, due to two basic components acting synergistically in the foundation of the communications system known as the "human race".

The first component is the capacity for making conscious choices, with an unlimited range of options at its core.

The second component is the emotional frame that all human beings share.

In other words, the psychological foundation is completely identical among all people. This is the lowest common denominator in mankind.

What is this "conscious ability to choose from an endless range of options" wrapped in an "emotional frame" that all humans share? What does this look like in the human experience, and mostly, how does all this relate to diseases and to the mind molding symptoms and signs in the physical body?

It doesn’t matter where we are born or to whom. It makes no difference if we’re a black, white, red, or yellow baby, or a mix of different races. It doesn’t matter if we’re born in the Amazon rainforest or icy Sweden. It doesn’t matter if you're an Aboriginal baby in Australia, Inuit baby in Alaska, Bedouin in the Israeli Negev, Japanese in Nagasaki, Bushman in Africa or redskin Navajo from the United States. We will always be born with the same emotional foundation as our fellow human brothers and sisters.

Despite all the genetic differences seen in the electronic microscope, and despite all the differences in the physical body (gender, color, size, strength, various disabilities, etc.), a couple of yuppies from New York can choose to adopt a baby girl from a tribe living in the Brazilian rainforests, and raise her successfully in Tokyo, where she will complete a degree in French history in Japanese.

However, this core has a deeper layer, without which our "unlimited range of choice" would be an empty feature.

In the very core of our unique "range of choice" there is a common human trait we all share - the ability to make choices and take action. In Judaism this ability is called "the given permission" to choose ("All is foreseen, yet [free] choice is given " [Pirkei Avot, 3:15]), and in plain language: I may choose whatever I want, however I want.

The ability to make any choice that I want is governed by faith.

Do I believe I can choose whatever I want out of the infinite amount of options at my disposal?

Or -

Do I not believe I can choose whatever I want out of the infinite amount of options at my disposal?

The phrases "I believe" and "I don’t believe" I can choose whatever’s right for me are completely different biological conditions in the bodymind system.

In other words, the biological codes streaming through the bodymind system differ in nature and structure in both of these situations: "I believe I can" vs. "I don’t believe I can".

"I believe I can" - a particular type of biological code. Enabling code.

"I don’t believe I can" - a different biological code. Preventing, restricting code.

So the decisive factor regarding recovery or non-recovery from illness is whether or not I believe that I can get better.

Do I believe that the mechanism in my bodymind system that created the disease under a certain belief can gradually change and induce recovery under the opposite belief? That is, can it flip?

Or -

Do I not believe that the mechanism in my bodymind system that created the disease under a certain belief can change gradually and induce recovery under the opposite belief?

Could it be that the array of communications systems in the bodymind system does not reflect our unique free will which allows us to make any choice we want at any given moment and turn the planet into a paradise or destroy it entirely?

Could the progenitor of the synergy called the human bodymind, which is the DNA, be removed and detached and not express our unique free will?

In my view, it is impossible that the biological communications systems in our body and their progenitor, primarily DNA, would be removed and detached from our unique free will.

In my view, all the biological mechanisms in the human bodymind system correspond with man’s unique free will, and if so, every component of our existence, that is, every element that organically interacts with us, is naturally made to inform our free will. This includes bacteria, fungi, and first and foremost, the various families of viruses, which I consider the most advanced and subject-oriented biological “Super software”, as expressed in the channeled communication.

This brings us to the deepest level of the human experience: the core of our existence - "freedom".

To me, this is the essence of the divinity rooted within all people.

Freedom is the primary code.

"For it is the mind that creates its body"

"The heart of every sick person is narrow, and every healthy person has an expanded mind. And therefore the physician must remove emotional experiences resulting in impatience. In this way the health of the normal person will be extended, and this is the first law in the cure of a patient."


Amnon Josting

Author of the book ALAPINAH - The Quest for the Secret to Health


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