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Help in Healing from the Spirit World

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By Douglas E Busby

Five years ago I asked the renowned Brazilian Spiritist trance healer, Medium João (John of God), how my healing ministry back in the United States might identify with his healing ministry.  He simply replied in Portuguese, “Tell the story,” which a translator at his side interpreted as meaning that I should promote a wider awareness of the spirit world being willing and able to help in healing.

As a theologian, I decided that people who hear this story should be acquainted with the issue of physicalism, the belief that we are purely physical beings, versus dualism, the belief that we are physical beings who have an immortal soul, or incarnated spirit.  I realized that predominant Biblical support for physicalism is in conflict with contemporary support for dualism (e.g., the near-death experience).  And although not widely known, much can be said about the nature of disincarnate spirit existence, drawing from the moral philosophy and observational science of Spiritism, and documented communications from the spirit world.

As a physician, I decided that people who hear this story should also be acquainted with our subtle energy body, which supports and reflects our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and how energy medicine promotes healing by channeling universal life force energy to restore and balance energy in our subtle energy body.  This would lead me to raise the question of whether the spirit world can help in healing by “intelligently” guiding the energy so that it optimally serves its purpose.

I believe that spirit guidance of universal life force energy for healing has been clearly shown in the healing ministries of the late Harry Edwards (1893-1976), a non-trance medium who “attuned” with disincarnate -spirits for healing, and of John of God (1942- ), a full-trance medium who is incorporated by disincarnate spirits for healing.  So at the core of this story are many examples of spirit-involved healing in their ministries - for Edwards from his writings, and for John of God from the notes that I made during many trips to Brazil to observe spirits help in healing through John of God.

Douglas E. Busby, M.D., M.Sc., D.Min., Ph.D., has had life-long interest in spiritual healing.  Currently he preaches, lectures and writes on and provides support for spiritual healing.  He resides in Valparaiso, Indiana, and his email address is  He tells the “story” in his just-published book, “Spiritual Healing; Help from the Spirit World.”  URL links to it are:


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