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Royalty in Unity

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By Harold Witkov

When I hear the words, “Royal Family,” I do not think of Prince William, Kate, and young Prince George, and I do not envision the Romanovs of Russia either. When I hear the words, “Royal Family,” I picture myself as a young man in my early twenties, more than forty years ago, sitting on a couch and reading from a book in my living room.

The book I was reading was written by a mystic by the name of Charles Webster Leadbeater.  Back in the early to mid 1970’s, I was a passionate reader of C.W. Leadbeater spiritual texts. And when I read them, I was often moved, focused, and very receptive. That certainly was the case that day on the couch when I came upon the following:

“Uplift the women of your race till all are seen as queens, and to such queens let every man be as a king, that each may honour each, seeing the other’s royalty. Let every home, however small, become a court, every son a knight, every child a page. Let all treat all with chivalry, honouring in each their royal parentage, their kingly birth; for there is royal blood in every man; all are the children of the King.” 1 *

And then began my mystical experience.  Before my very eyes, two words near the end of the passage, “royal blood,” darkened and began to enlarge on the page: royal blood, royal bloodroyal bloodroyal blood.  While this was happening, I  felt a universal connectedness. I experienced myself to be part of a great whole; a SINGLE UNITY. It was as if I was a drop of water immersed in the middle of an ocean. This oceanic feeling continued on.  I was swimming in the virgin sea of pure consciousness for perhaps ten seconds  -  and then I became afraid. Immediately, the experience of inner connectedness ended.

Astonished by what had just transpired I was equally surprised to find myself still seated on the couch with the book in my hands open at the same spot. I lifted my head and looked to my left and to my right. I looked down at the passage. The words “royal blood” were now just words on the page; no different than the others.

After a few moments, I closed the book. My dad entered the room.  I wanted to share with my father what had just happened to me but I did not know where to start, and, to my disappointment, I could not find the words…

Since the time of that mystical experience, I have carried with me for more than four decades an unwavering conviction that there is an invisible spiritual world of Unity that we are a part of, and in this spirit realm, there are no divisions amongst us; no races, no religions, no aged or young, and no gender.

But it really goes deeper than that. Those beautifully orchestrated words I had read concerning our regal lineage, coupled with my brief moment of inner connectedness, left me with but one interpretation: we are all of "royal blood;" we are Royalty in Unity.

In the total scheme of things, whether we are aware of it or not, each and every one of us is an individual royal drop of being swimming in the infinite ocean of consciousness of the ONE. We are members of an all-inclusive Royal Family; the Highest Royal Family ever.   Special, beyond our imaginations, are we.

  1. Charles Webster Leadbeater, The World Mother as Symbol and Fact, (Wheaton, IL:Theosophical Publishing House, [1928] 1968, 31).

* As a point of accuracy, the quoted words are not actually the words of C.W. Leadbeater. Leadbeater was, in fact, quoting from another source: Geoffrey Hodson, The Brotherhood of Angels and Men, (Wheaton, IL; Theosophical Publishing House [1927] 1982, 6).

Harold Witkov has lived in the Chicago area all his life and is retired. He began freelance writing twenty years ago specializing in inspirational first-person narratives.  He is self-taught in Theosophy, Anthroposophy, and Kabbalah, and has experienced a number of transcendent moments.


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