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Alzheimer's and Psychic Ability

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My mother is in a nursing home with advanced dementia. Although bed-bound, having hallucinations, and sadly with a seemingly diminishing grasp of reality she is sometimes remarkably intuitive, eg in recent weeks:

  1. She warned me not to go to a certain dentist. I rarely visit a dentist, and she has never talked of dentists in
    her present condition, but I had been just a few days earlier to have a crown replaced. She could not have
    known that I was due to visit a dentist.
  2. I usually take the bus alone to visit her home, but on this occasion was given a lift by my partner. My mother
    asked if "they were waiting for me". She has not said this before or since and there was no way for her to have known I was given a ride on that day.
  3. I usually work at home and rarely travel into the city for business, but on this occasion had been to the city the previous week and secured some forthcoming work that would mean me spending 2 days a week in the city for a while. When I told my mother I was working tomorrow, she asked if I was going to the city, although she could not have known of these plans.
  4. Her younger brother passed away suddenly and her family decided not to tell her. A few days afterwards her elder brother visited the home and mentioned their sibling's passing to the nursing staff. He was surprised to find that they already knew, because my mother had told them - even though she had no physical way to have learned this information!

Could it be that somehow, despite her Alzheimer's, part of her mind is able to access information beyond the physical senses?


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2 Responses to “Alzheimer's and Psychic Ability”

  1. Darby Rock says:

    I too have experienced this recently with my mother.
    1. Recently I got two kittens and have been researching how I can possibly have a Christmas Tree this year without them destroying it. I went to visit my Mom and her CNA said all she has been saying is "Christmas Tree"
    2. My dad was going through her jewelry and decided to sell one of her diamond rings, he called me to get my input and we had a long discussion regarding it. The next morning I went to have breakfast with my Mom and she kept mentioning "diamond".
    I have heard that when people are vision impaired their hearing improves and vice versa. I am wondering if in the brain the psychic part improves as the dementia takes there cognitive ability away.
    I am really interested to discuss/research and learn more about this.

  2. Wanda says:

    I worked in a memory care center. At times strange happenings would arise. A sort of clarity would come through. residents would make comments to me that fit into my current affairs for which they had no way of knowing. It was very strange to have experienced this , but I believe there is a type of connection somehow.

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