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by Sheelagh McGrath

I have a plethora of ideas, beliefs and events to write about. The one thing that really pops out at me at the moment, is behaviour. Why has our behaviour to ourselves, to our fellow human beings, to animals and plants and indeed, to the earth, become so degenerate?

Where have the human values of kindness and goodness gone? Where has respect and humility gone? I am repeatedly shocked at what I see and experience.

Although to counteract all that, I also see manners, smiles and helpfulness.

The violence, which the general population of the World seems to revel in, and promote, is unconscionable. The media is at fault here for publicizing everything horrible. TV, films, music and video games promote violent sex, violent torture, violent killings, violent language, everything violent. The drug culture (although the connotation of ‘culture’, related to something so degenerate, is rather ridiculous) is very quickly destroying our World. Quick fixes are fashionable and clever, even though they lead to death and destruction.

The language has become debased by using F..k every second word in movies, and in general speech, in some quarters. I find myself swearing much more than I ever did; usually when I’m really angry.

There’s another thing, Anger! The world is angry! Many people feel entitled. Entitled to own everything for nothing. Taking and not Giving. The general feeling at present, is, if I haven’t got something and I want it, I am entitled to take it.

It seems to be ok to beat someone up or even kill, if they want to steal. It seems ok to beat someone up and abuse them, if they don’t agree with you.

The young who behave like this are not answerable to their parents, as the parents either don’t care or have not been paying attention to their kids. There is a lack of moral fibre and callousness amongst these people.

You don’t have to be religious to instill decent values in your children, you just have to have a sense of right and wrong, you know, the feeling in the gut which makes you feel good or bad, it really is quite easy, just listen to your feelings.

There seems to be no respect for other’s feelings or property. If you don’t like it, destroy it and F..k the consequences.

Hitting policemen and abusing them seems to be quite ok and the police who fight back are pigs and violent. What happens when we need them to protect us?

The World has gone mad; right is wrong and wrong is right. A general feeling of nastiness pervades everything.

We need to instill in our children and grandchildren the basic values of goodness and kindness to ourselves and others.

The light needs to shine brighter and stronger within and without, to counteract all this dark negativity.

Good will return, I know it. Take one ‘o’ out of that, and God will return. It’s not that He/She ever left. It’s just that the general population of the world seems to have turned it’s back on him.

God Bless
Sheelagh McGrath

Sheelagh is a children’s book author, and her books introduce metaphysical aspects to children.

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