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Teaching metaphysics and beliefs to our children and grandchildren

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by Sheelagh McGrath

It is of the utmost importance to instill in our offspring the values of right and wrong. With the evil that is sweeping our world at this present time we need to teach them our civilized values and teach them that they can change the World by positive thought and manifestation. We must teach them to stand tall and fight for freedom so that we can maintain our civilized way of life. And add into the mix, a belief, in a greater power than ourselves.

My two books, ‘Magick It Up’ and ‘The Magickal Birthday Treat’ and another on the way, were written for my grandchildren, and hopefully many other grandchildren around the World. I teach my grandchildren, as I taught my children, that they can always ask for help from their Guardian Angels in times of trouble and unease. Help always comes in some shape or form and in divine timing.

I cannot fathom the black darkness that pervades the World as I write this. I try to shine my light but am continuously horror struck at the way my fellow human beings behave, sometimes it’s difficult not to be dragged down and get angry! Only for a while though, and then you must get up again and shake the anger off.

It is not only the barbaric threat of Isis and terrorism as such, but the way people treat each other in general, from disinterested parents who are too busy chasing the dollar, in order to obtain more stuff, to parents who are addicted to substances and are too self interested to take any time disciplining and having loving time with their children. It stems from the violent movies, music, TV, internet. It stems from the basic disrespect people have for each other and themselves. Drugs and alcohol abuse and the sense of entitlement are leeches on our lives. It’s a very sad world we live in at present and not at all what our Fathers, Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers fought for in two World Wars.

I don’t mean to preach, I wasn’t always the ideal parent myself, but we all make mistakes, and that’s ok, if we learn from them.

In many ways we have cultivated and conjured up the evil that is around us today. Materialism and greed and ‘anything goes’ attitude is what exists all around us. The world is polarized. It’s evil against evil. Oh, that we could make it all come good.

This young generation now of under 15’s have a chance to change the World’s thinking.

Whilst Isis are brainwashing their innocent little ones, to kill and hate, we must counteract it by teaching our little ones about goodness, kindness, happiness and truth and light, whilst also making them aware of the bad, and overcoming it with positive and joyful thoughts.

Sheelagh McGrath

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