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Educating child to make Good Human Being

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By Lt Col R K Langar

Some time back I read a news item in Times Of India(TOI) newspaper under the heading- ‘Role of educators, the way forward’. It was emphasized in this write up that a child’s education should be such that after completing the education, the child passes out as a good human being. I liked this write up immensely since it focused on the inner personality of a child. Today if there is anything which is in acute short supply in India, it is the availability of good human beings. Our newspapers today are telling us that how corruption, murders and rapes have spread in our country since our people lack goodness which is the first hallmark of a human being. Therefore before we become anything else, we must first become good human beings. We are inclined to believe that those who are occupying high posts in the society are good human beings. This is not so. Capability and goodness are two different things. Professional efficiency can take you on top of the ladder even if you lack good inner qualities. A good person is always good from inside wherever he may be.

What is true Education

Our system of education can only be good where along with secular knowledge, moral, and to some extent spiritual values, are also given to the students for imbibing them. Real education gives training to body, mind and intellect. Education should also be given about soul, a fraction of God Almighty, residing within us. For the ease of understanding we can split our education in two segments as given below.

Education to do

This education is primarily meant to obtain degrees in the subject you are undergoing training to enable you to secure jobs after you complete your education. This aspect of education is very important because on the basis of your educational qualifications you can apply for jobs suitable to you. In the competitive world of today, you must secure very high percentage of marks to do well in life.

Education to be

This aspect of education deals with such training which aims to make a student morally and spiritually upright besides obtaining educational degrees to secure jobs.  Education to BE is generally overlooked since education in the modern world is primarily job oriented. Today’s learning or education is directed towards earning which is a very limited view of learning and knowledge.

Who is a good human being

Basically a good human being is a person who thinks good, speaks good, sees good and also hears good. Mind has two very prominent tendencies- pleasure seeking and good seeking. A pleasure seeking mind does not think about others and his only concern is to seek pleasure from outer world. On the other hand a mind who seeks good is a noble mind and radiates goodness all around. He lives for others in the sense that he looks for opportunities to be of some use to others. Goodness of any kind will uplift you and bring you closer to God who is truth personified. A good person has faith in God, he is genuine, he projects himself outside as he is but never more than what he actually is from inside. He is ever ready to learn and believes in as long as you live, you must learn. His mind is ever fixed in higher values of life, he abides in social laws and behaves on the basis of equality and unity. He balances himself between outer and inner life. A good person has two magnets in his heart- love and selflessness which attract others towards him. Good persons teach by their actions and conduct and not only by words. Any one can teach by words even if his behavior is not good. When you teach by your conduct, it leaves a deep impression in the minds of those who are in your contact.

God’s concern for good people

Even God is deeply concerned about good people. God says in Bhagavad Gita that He incarnates in the world for time to time for the protection of good from the evil. The Gita also declares that the doers of good donot meet any evil and there is no destruction for them in this world and here after. Goodness of any kind will bring you closer to God. Swami Vivekananda had said that to Be Good and Do Good is the whole of religion. He further said that basis of all systems, social and political rests on goodness. A nation is good because men living there in are good. Sometimes a system is good but if it is not manned by good people the system fails. One should look for good in every situation and one will almost find it. A good person is a good finder.


After describing goodness in some details, we revert back to the theme of this write up which is making a child a good human being. A child is greatly influenced by his school teachers and hence teachers must be good himself or herself to make a child a good human being. Emphasizing on Education to be should always be kept in mind by the teacher while teaching his or her allotted subject. It is not difficult if the teacher is aware and develops his inner virtues. Goodness can never remain hidden like sunshine. Goodness will reveal itself. Teachers must set a behavioral standard for the students from personal example.


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