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Stunned By Angelic Help with Health

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by Jennifer Underwood

I have been working with Angels for months now. I first learned about it in 2007 from a woman that claimed she was an Earth Angel. I found it weird at the time, but did not question it. She slipped out of my life, and years later, because of her, I started to talk to Angels. Problem was, I did not beckon them correctly, and ended up with bad, evil, fake entities that pretend to be Angels. So truly for years, I suffered thinking the Angels did not want to help me. Recently, I read that Archangel Raphael can help you with your health if you call him and imagine he is standing over your head with his amazing green light healing you from top to bottom. I suffer from  hormonal migraines, so a week ago I tried it. I took medicine that was taking awhile to kick in, so I called Raphael. When I call Angels now, I say “In the name of God, I call upon Archangel (name) of 100% light to help me with (problem).  So I called him and imagined him standing over me. My head hurt a lot until I called him. Within a minute, the pain went down, after a few minutes, it all but vanished. It is true that I took medicine, but it takes an hour or more for it to work, and this time it took no time at all.  I thanked him profusely, so grateful.

July fourth, I was out. I woke up, ate oatmeal, and suddenly felt like throwing up all over the place. I was panicked and scared, and called Archangel Michael and Raphael to work as a team to do a healing on me. I helped them by visualizing a golden light in my stomach powerful, and imagined their strong hands on my stomach as well. After a few minutes, the acid backup stopped, my stomach calmed down, and it got it down to a decent level. It still hurt, and I had to do Reiki on myself for the next three hours, but I did not get sick. Sometimes healing is quick, other times, it has to go a long route through the physical body. When it comes to my stomach, I have this intuition  trick. I ask myself how much of the illness is left? Then I see a pin light in my stomach of an area that is messed up. Sometimes its larger and covers a wider area. By the end of the day, I sensed a pin light in my colon area. By nine that night, it was pretty much cured. The angels can work absolute miracles and it is important to remember that we can call on them whenever we need them, just make sure to call correctly.

Jennifer Underwood
Jennifer Underwood is a Freelance Writer and has her own blog: White Light Life:


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