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To Travel Far – the Out of the Body Experience

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By Darryl E Berry Jr, 2015

Do you remember going to sleep or waking from sleep and being unable to move as if paralyzed? This is commonly experienced at the start or end of an out-of-body experience (OBE or OOBE). Do you remember having dreams of flying or dreams of falling, accompanied by very real sensations of weightlessness or falling? You were likely unconsciously floating into the nonphysical while dreaming of flying, and then experiencing a rapid reintegration with the physical body similarly masked by dream imagery. Do you remember experiencing vibrations, loud engine-like sounds, gunshot-like bangs, or metallic-like clicks inside your head when going to sleep or upon awakening? These are also common occurrences during the initiation or conclusion of an OBE.

The out-of-body experience or astral travel is a mode of perception during which one experiences existing and traveling apart from the physical body. This is often experienced as an ethereal, energy-based body. You perceive and experience as validly as you do with the physical senses. Things perceived and experienced are as real as the book you are holding, or the screen you are viewing. You can fly, teleport, walk through walls, and travel extensively throughout space and time; and through various dimensions. Extraterrestrial (ET) life near and far, other planets, the far reaches of the Earth, other dimensions, the past and the future, other lifetimes, alternate timelines or parallel universes, the “afterlife” or “in-between lifetime” realms, and a variety of other interesting subjects can be directly explored and validated through the out-of-body experience. At the very least you can learn that you are more than a physical body.

Through OBEs you are able to observe physical events and validate your observations. Correlating experiences with other out-of-body explorers is also possible, as you can travel and experience the same things just as we could go to physical locations jointly or separately and confirm our experiences and observations afterwards. Unless you do something extremely strenuous while OBE – which is very difficult to do – you wake up from an OBE as refreshed as or even morerefreshed than normal sleep, since the sleep state of the OBE is equivalent to a very restful and energizing deep sleep.

Is your interest peaked? I thought it would be! Here are a few samples of things I've experienced out-of-the-body::

trans-dimensional portal

"The structure may have been 8 to 12 feet tall, was oval in shape, and was checkered with tiny red and black squares that constantly alternated their colors from red to black and back again. The two beings looked at me, while I looked at them and the structure.

"I soon recognized that the structure was some sort of portal. I looked with my inner vision into the portal and saw that it connected to a multitude of other portals through a series of tube-like conduits. My perception was that I could have gone into the portal and exited at any one of the other portals."

Excerpted from pages 15-16 of Travel Far.

"... Suddenly I was before a large spherical object that was starry radiant. But it actually radiated shards of itself that were as thick filaments of light, in all directions. The filaments remind me of thick pencils, except the source of the radiation as well as the filaments themselves were made of pure love and pure acceptance.

"The waves of love and acceptance hit me, and I was awash with it. I became aware of my physical body again as I began physically to wipe tears from my eyes, while simultaneously being aware afloat before this radiant source of total love and total acceptance. Its constant waves of love and acceptance seemed to reach into my being. It started to lighten upon my self-consciousness, and the parts of myself that didn’t like me. I tried to barricade my inner recesses to it, but that didn’t work. It passed through every barrier and all my defenses, and yet all I found was pure love and total acceptance, even as it got to the core of me. Then it seemed to pass through me, and unneeded layers of my aura were seemingly blown off or carried away, as the constant radiation of love and acceptance moved through and past me – like how solar radiation blasts away parts of a comet. I went to The Source three days in succession, and the experience was very similar each time."

Excerpted from pages 55-56 of Travel Far.

"I perceived myself going through outer space at enormous speeds, with stars moving past me like street lamps on the side of the road."

Excerpted from page 56 of Travel Far.

The experience is something anyone can generate. I've learned it to be a matter of reaching very deep altered states consciously, and everyone I've taught who had sufficient interest and put forth sufficient practice learned to cause the out-of-body experience. Yes, you too can experience this phenomenon! One of the most profund results of my travels is the loss of the fear of death. Imagine being able to meet a recently deceased relative "on the other side" rather than painfully grieving for them here. Just the loss of fear of death alone is worth the effort to learn how to generate the experience! And still that's just the beginning! If it is your hope to have the experience yourself, may your efforts be inspired! And as our individual interdimensional awareness expands we help to facilitate not only our own development, but the development and progress of the human race itself.

(Includes excerpts from and quotes from Travel Far: A Beginner's Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods by Darryl E Berry Jr. Copyright © 2015 by Darryl E Berry Jr. Published by Next Density Publishing™

Darryl E Berry Jr and Travel Far
Darryl E Berry Jr

Founder and CEO of Next Density™

Author of Travel Far: A Beginner's Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods



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