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Am I Psychic?

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The short answer is yes, everyone is naturally psychic!

What Does Being Psychic Mean?

The physical universe we inhabit is just one tiny part of an infinitely greater reality, sometimes called Spirit. As humans we have a physical body, but also a non-physical part (or “soul”) which straddles the physical and non-physical realms.

While we're alive our soul mainly stays in the background as our physical systems negotiate the complexities of life, but it's always there. It's what determines our basic character and choices, and the source of our intuition (ie psychic ability). Being psychic simply means raising our awareness beyond the physical plane.

Most of us have had occasional unexplained experiences, eg in the form of improbable coincidences (famously termed Synchronicity by psychologist CG Jung), prophetic dreams, or thinking about someone just before they call. Such experiences give glimpses of our psychic ability, but in most cases get brushed aside in the cold light of "reason".

How Can I Develop My Psychic Ability?

The biggest obstacle to psychic awareness is the volume and intensity of the demands of life. With so much constantly vying for our attention it's little wonder the quiet voice within doesn't get heard.

Meditation is a great way to turn down life’s noise. Take time daily, even just 10 minutes, to sit quietly, breathe deeply, and simply "be". It may help to focus on your breath and/or inwardly repeat some word (mantra). Don't worry if it's hard to tune out your internal thoughts, this is natural and gets easier with practice.

Just as physical exercise is beneficial to health, so using your psychic ability is the surest way to develop it, eg: note down your dreams, see if anything resonates happenings in your life; try visualizing what will come in your daily mail delivery...

When you feel ready - and that should be soon, or even now - try giving readings for others. This could be for friends (treat it lightly, like a game), or even strangers through the safety of a site like fledglingPSYCHIC.

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