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A Better World

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by Dr Stewart Bitkoff

People wonder how to create a better world?
In theory, it’s fairly simple, but O so difficult to accomplish.
In each moment, try to rise higher.
In every situation, out of love,
Do your best to create the highest possible outcome.
The highest possible outcome:
Is that which helps others, self,
And the emerging higher destiny of the Universe.

And if you make a ‘mistake,’ try again.
Unintentionally, if you hurt another:  ask for their forgiveness.
And if you don’t know
What the highest possible outcome might be?
Ask for guidance from the Unseen Forces;
Then take a chance- doing the best that you can.
Then leave the outcome up to the Universe.

In some respect, you are but a player in a Game.
A very serious, joyous and multi-leveled Game:
Yet filled with endless opportunity,
Watered by Grace,
And where all ‘mistakes’ are absolved through Love.



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