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Moth to a Flame

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

If I could give you one thing
It would be the burning, yearning
In my soul to fly higher.

Like an eagle
That follows an up-draft
Over and beyond the cliffs;
I seek to go higher and higher.
Like a moth
That circles the candle’s flame;
Waiting, to build up courage
To dive into the fire,
I seek to loose myself
Again, in something Greater.

O where will this restless, endless burning
Lead me?

Suddenly, I am overwhelmed
By a bolt that shatters my brain;
Then another door opens and I hear:
“Accept the wisdom of the heart;
It is only here that you can rest
And become One, again.”

What is this Path
That lies before me?
So many times
I have trodden this Way-
Only to be left
At the door, again.
What difference does it make:
If I go or I stay?
I know not who I am?
All that I see before me
Is the fire of Love.

Now, I am tired and must rest.
O spiritual traveler, have pity on me
For I have pity on you.
This is the only Way Home.


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