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Spirit light?

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On Sunday evening, 3 March 2014 approx 8pm, I was walking home from Spiritualist church along the raised esplanade parallel with the sea. I notice a bright white light down at the beach level ~200m ahead, like the light on a bicycle. It was moving and kept going in and out of sight, then disappeared.

As I got closer it reappeared now at the raised esplanade level a little further along than before, approx 100m ahead. It appeared to be behind (from my standpoint) a parked van, still moving and going in and out of sight.

Finally, just as I was about to turn off to my home the light was shining over the back of the van, still moving, as though its source were between me and the van, but there was no visible light source. NB: I didn't go closer, so cannot 100% rule out a natural cause.


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