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Healthy Activity: Antidote to Life Problems

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by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Problems are placed before you so you can overcome them.
- A. Hussain


When life is kicking our butt and things seem out of control; and we are worn down by every day problems, how can belief in something beyond self, help us reach higher?

Healthy activity has long been known as a corrective to some of the problems of daily life. Simply by switching our attention from the problem to something more enjoyable or taking purposeful action targeted at solving the problem; many times our mood becomes lighter and more positive.

In the healthy personality, the mind is so constructed
That it can only keep one thing in it at a time.
-A. Hussain

Healthy Techniques

At various times, the following six techniques have helped me push past the angst of everyday life and return to a happier, more tranquil state of balance.

Guiding Thoughts

You don’t solve one problem by creating another.
-A. Hussain

When you are feeling sad or depressed get up and do something for someone else.
-A. Hussain

The body thrives on activity and a healthy person is an active person.
-A. Hussain


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