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Past Life Regression

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A partial chapter from the book My Trip to the Philippines by Hans Carl Clausen

book cover my trip to the philippinesFor several months, following my personal experiences with Dr Brian Weiss and Dr Raymond Moody, I had immersed myself in the study of Past Life Regressions.  Sharing my interests with a pleasant young female who worked at a local florist where I often purchased flowers, she inquired:

"Do you think you can do this?"

I thought for a moment.  "Yes, I believe I can."

"Would you hypnotize me?"


"How about tonight?"

I reflected on her request and how this nice young girl could come over and perhaps together we might share a unique experience.

"Ok, why not."

"Great.  I'll stop by after work."

When the 'flower girl' finished work she gave me a quick phone call.  She sounded a little nervous, but still excited about the prospects of the evening.  Before we hung up I said, "Come on over.  Together we'll fly up to the stars."  I could sense that made her smile.

When she arrived I served us a light dinner.  She and I enjoyed a very nice conversation.  I found her intelligent, sincere and sensitive.  Soon it felt mutually understood that it was time for us to start.

The flower girl settled into a brand new leather recliner I'd only recently purchased.  After turning off all the lights I sat on the floor nearby.  In the darkness I could hear a Florida thunderstorm approaching.  My beautiful Afghan, named 'Shah', was growing increasingly nervous hearing the approaching thunder outside.  As thunder rattled the night sky, and my dog needed a little tender comfort to keep him calm, I began the process of taking this girl under.

Having never done anything like this ever before, I believed, from all of my recent life experiences, that how I wished to do this would be like no other before me.  Having personally observed how people are in such dire need of healing I decided to include suggestions for healing in my words as I began by guiding this flower girl to a deeper place within her.

I also took my time.  I was definitely not under some clock or a limited time schedule.  As much as half an hour passed just to coax her into a deeper state.  For a normal psychiatrist working on an office schedule, the amount of time I had dedicated for this alone would have been impossible.  Just as I felt she was under hypnosis the thunder outside became more distant, until it disappeared.  She, we both, were now in a safe and secure place.

She was my first.  It felt good, and I felt quite relieved.  So many times in my life I've taken on tasks that I wasn't sure I knew how to do, but always rose up to accomplish them, often to master them.  This experience would prove the most amazing.

I knew that at this moment there were no rules - but one.  I would not harm this person.  I realized that this moment was very fragile, very vulnerable.  Here in front of me was a young attractive, intelligent, open-minded girl who was completely "under my spell".  My hope was that together we might explore the universe and beyond.  There were, from what I could imagine, absolutely no limits.  The night was young.  We were alone.  The houselights were dimmed.  All was quiet.  And we both wanted this to happen.  I fully appreciated this unique situation.  How that evening we would both go to a place no one had ever gone before.

Using key words to suggest it, I asked her to enter into a past life.  And as if some magical door was opening, she did.  Magic of all magic, that transcendent moment when this life is left behind and a past one is entered.

For so long, for many thousands of years, the people that have inhabited this earth for the most part have concentrated almost all of the attention of their lives on the one life they are currently living.  Very few have considered, and even fewer have investigated, the lives we have all lived in the past.  To do so opens up vistas and meanings and experiences and perceptions that can lead one to a much greater meaning and understanding of life itself.  When this young flower girl entered through that door, that transcendent door that lead her into one of her past lives, she took the step, a step hardly anyone has ever taken, and a new world opened up for both of us.

"I am in a garden."  she began.  "I am with my best friends, and we are dancing."

And with those few opening words shared with me in the quiet of my living room that evening, I would hear of a life that was lived to its' fullest over four hundred years ago.  A life so wonderful one would wish they could purchase it and make it their own.  A life that when it ended, after sharing with me her entire past life while being under hypnosis for nearly four hours, she would then guide me into what happens to each of us after we die.  There I would converse with her personal guide.  A loving, humorous, and quite brilliant guide, who kindly gave me, during that quiet night in my home, wondrous sage advice that would change the direction of my life forever.

About the author

Hans Carl Clausen, author of My Trip to the Philippines, was a very successful designer, media artist and college professor, when he met and married the woman he believed he would be married to forever.  It was not to be.  His young wife would soon suffer from horrific cancer, that would take away her life.  After having tried so many medical and alternative cures in a never-ending attempt to heal her and keep her alive, his loss was devastating.  With her passing as his inspiration, this author began a spiritual quest to learn the truth about life and death, why we are even here, and, even though his wife was now 'on the other side', if he could communicate with her, reach her, be with her, speak with her again.



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