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"Living On Light": an Experiment

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by Naveena Shine

Part of the vision for the New Age is to ground into this earth, capacities that utilize the vast new energies that are emerging through the cosmic universe into the consciousness of all beings. The following experiment, if successful, can be a huge part of that and give us the ability to attune our physical realities to be nourished by the pure source of light.

I am Naveena Shine, both the founder of Living on Light and the subject in this experiment. The experiment is designed to bring into our Universe a whole different paradigm of living. In this paradigm of living, human beings do not have to eat or ingest any kind of food into their stomachs in order to thrive in this world. At “Living On Light” we propose that we have a nutritional source already embedded within our body/mind/Spiritual systems that can give us exactly what we need to be healthy and well. Since we do not yet know exactly what that source is we are symbolically calling it Light.

If this capacity is real, it will change everything we know about ourselves, everything we do in our lives and everything we do on our planet.

Can you imagine, if we did not have to eat, just how free our lives would be? A vast amount of time, effort and resources go into merely putting food on the table. If humans did not have to eat, we could turn our planet back into a place of beauty. Our land could return to its pristine state, used for pleasure rather than need. Animals could be treated with respect. Time could be utilized for pleasure rather than the grind of work. Chemicals in the soil would no longer be needed and neither would all the destruction from the highly mechanized food industries.

People living on this pure, ultimately renewable energy source called light would be free from all the pollutants of our modern industrial food supplies. There is so much we could do to change our world just from this one thing, just from this one understanding that humans do not have to eat. It would change everything.

Throughout history there have been many people who have claimed that they do not eat. They say they have stopped eating, sometimes for years, and it seems they thrive very well. Today there are many people in this world who say they live on light. They call themselves Breatharians or they call themselves Sungazers. Yogis have also claimed the ability to live on light. Jasmuheen ( a delightful, self-styled “Ambassador for Peace” and a Breatharian, is one of today’s leading experts on the subject. She claims that around 40,000 people are now “Living On Light”.

Michael Werner claims he has been living on light since 2005. In his book, “Life from Light”, co-authored by journalist Thomas Stockli, we read of a man who is credible in every way in his community with prestigious career and a normal family life. He originally lost some weight and then his weight stabilized, and he says that even his illnesses went away. The focus of his talks is not that people should live on light, but that the possibility be brought up for conversation. This is the focus of the “Living on Light” experiment as well. Can it actually be true?

On my website, there is a section where I discuss why it might be that some people thrive without food and others die. Does the belief system that says, “If I don’t eat, I will die”, affect the outcome? Can it be that when we come from fear for our survival, lack of funds and resources or painful experiences, that we cannot shift into the paradigm where “Living On Light” can occur? People who are in jails, on hunger strikes, are probably too impacted by the horrors of their situations to be able to “Live On Light”.

In Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda there is a story of a girl in India who, at 8 years old, prayed to be able to live without food and drink. There is ample validation in the village that she lived without food until age 65 when she died. Other stories abound throughout history, most of them in religious contexts.

Now that we are entering the realm of quantum physics many things are being understood in ways that were not possible before. When Rudolph Steiner proclaimed that “Matter is Condensed Light”, a new possibility became available for us all and now we have the option of pursuing such amazing potentials that “Living On Light could bring.

As we have seen, there is much hearsay evidence for people being able to “Live On Light” but the difficulty is, there is no concrete proof that they do. Without this we cannot believe it.  The solution is very simple. We have to put it to the test and this is what “Living On Light” intends to do. Put it to the test.

To have all of the benefits that “Living On Light” would bring it would actually have to be true. The only way we can prove it is by doing it.

There are two objectives or facets to this experiment. One facet is doing it, finding out if it is really possible that a person can thrive without eating. The other facet is that you, too, can know. To get the message out into the whole world is important because if we do not do that, nothing will change.

To achieve the first objective it is VERY simple. Here is how we are going to do that.

One subject, that’s me, on  May 3, 2013 went into a controlled environment for a period of four to six months. Eight cameras have been set to view every corner of that controlled environment. I will not go outside of those cameras. It is not a true scientific experiment as scientists need a lot more stringency than I was capable of producing. What I am doing will satisfy the common sense requirements of most intelligent people.

We were hoping to live-stream the event so that you, from anywhere in the world, would be able to see me every moment of every day and night, by tuning in to my internet live-stream at We are having many issues with live-streaming and it might take a while to get it operational. Meanwhile, I have been doing YouTubes about the experiment and my experience as the days go by and I can be seen on Facebook at “Living On Light: an Experiment.

There cannot be any cheating! Each moment will be recorded and archived for historic records and for future verification.

Can I do this? Will I succeed? I don’t know the answer to this because I haven’t finished it yet. I only know that I shall not cheat. I want to know this as much as you do. Time will tell the rest.

The other facet of this experiment is that you also need to know. The best way to know something is if you do it yourself. The second way is if you can be absolutely sure that somebody else is doing it correctly. With every moment being recorded you will be able to discern for yourself what has or has not happened. By the end of at least 4 months, if you know there has been no possibility that I have eaten any food, you will be sure that at least one person has indeed thrived without food. I shall be “Living on Light”.

So this is a huge moment in history. This could be the beginning of a new future, possibly even a new evolution of humanity.  The “Living On Light” paradigm has now been born into our world. The door has been opened and can never be closed again. By inaugurating this experiment it is already part of our consciousness and has the power to change our reality. By your interest in this experiment, you have a vital part in this creation of a future that is so beyond our wildest dreams.

An update on the experiment after three weeks of not eating.

So far so good! I feel hale and hearty and strong. I exercise on the treadmill twice a day and usually do some dancing and some meditation as a regular routine. So far I have lost 20 lbs which I can well afford to lose! Occasionally I feel hungry and I can tell that changes and transformations are happening within my systems.

By the end of the second month I shall know whether I am “Living On Light” or not because from day 52 on, people on hunger strike begin to die. They were probably very sick before that too. If I am still strong and healthy by then, we can all know that this is different.

You can keep track of my progress at and Facebook and support the venture by donation should you wish.

I am 65 years old, have led a very adventurous life and now I am doing something that I feel will advance consciousness and possibly be instrumental in creating a viable planet for us to inhabit.

Contact: Naveena Shine:

Phone: 425-836-7497. (10am-8pm PDT)




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