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Discovering Your True Self

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The Human Condition

At essence we are each eternal spirit surrounded by various increasingly transient layers, the most permanent of which being our life purpose. Beyond this lie the various personas we adopt for different roles, and beyond these the consciousness of the moment created by the circumstances of now. Our outer layers are largely junk, created both internally and externally, that we must recognize as worthless and in so doing allow what truly matters to shine through.

The details of life are utterly irrelevant. What seems important in the now is ultimately insignificant. We’ll all soon be dead. Life is nothing more than an experience-giving machine. What really matters is the experience we acquire during the process and carry with us into eternity.

Human experience is inevitably imperfect. Life is not a vacation but a tough school presenting hard lessons, along with the potential for great satisfaction. Inevitably we will make mistakes and fall short of the ideal. But perfection is not our purpose. Our purpose is to learn from our experiences, as such there are no bad experiences or mistakes, only lessons.

Life as Experience

Life is but a tiny part of some infinitely greater experience. Its true purpose isn’t revealed any more than school gives the final test answers at the start of the course. It is a puzzle whose true nature is not revealed until the final piece is in place.

Life is a journey of continual change, but each moment is significant in itself and should be valued as a “present” (=now & gift). The inevitability of change means all feelings, eg happiness, security, fear, despair, are transitory and ultimately illusion.

There is no absolute good, bad, right, wrong. All things exist to bring the opportunity to learn, although some experiences are undoubtedly more “comfortable” than others. Often the most uncomfortable experiences bring the greatest learning. If there is such a thing as an “optimal” way it is that which most hastens Spiritual progress.

Destiny and Free Will

The “destiny” of an individual is affected by:

  1. its starting conditions (birth, life up to and including now)
  2. stuff that just happens (chance)
  3. others’ choices (free will)
  4. its own free will

1), 2), 3) are givens. 4) is the only thing we can influence, so we should focus on making the right choices and actions in light of the givens.

Life is like being dealt a hand of cards (circumstances) which you play to the best of your ability, according to your chosen strategy. But there are numerous other players in the same position, their play interacting with yours and affecting your future moves as you seek to optimize fulfillment of your particular priorities.

Knowledge and Truth

There is no single source of truth. Truth comes from many places and we need to consider many sources in reaching our own personal concept of truth. Many things that are considered unquestionably true probably aren’t.

The total knowledge pool is virtually infinite and continually growing. Of this we can only be aware of a tiny fraction (broad or deep) as guided by our interests, intuitions, various tools (eg - in these times - Google etc) and teachers, and serendipity. The process of becoming informed never ceases, but purpose requires informedness to be used to make a productive impact on the universe.

Finding Your Self

We are born with unique set of characteristics - personality, strengths, weaknesses, interests, aptitudes and levels of ability (potential); as well as unique role and purpose. But we also have free will and the ability to change as we progress through life, and to be changed by our experiences.

The levels of self/identity are:

Our character is largely that which we are born with, modified somewhat by early influences. Character continues to change, to a limited extent, as result of experience and even varies slightly from moment to moment, eg in response to current influence.

Our present reality is a combination of life’s unalterable circumstances (givens) and our free will (choices). Our present reality and self are both inevitably sub-optimal. Our mission is to fulfill the potential we have, to be and the best we as a unique individual can be and do, under prevailing conditions.

The pursuit of self-knowledge continues throughout life, getting ever closer to the true self, but complete knowledge of the true self, like full knowledge of Spirit and the simultaneous position and velocity of an elementary particle, is never fully attainable.

We simultaneously possess multiple selves, both at differing levels of maturity/sophistication and in the different roles we play (child, partner, parent, worker, citizen etc). Life’s challenges include climbing the hierarchy (realizing higher levels of self) and maintaining consistency between various roles and true essence; even at expense of junking some outdated elements in light of personal evolution.


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