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Prayer for the New Age

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Each is an eternal child of the universe;
A ray of Light from a larger, more glorious sun,
Traveling from world to world,
Creating their individual Reality.

O Radiances of Truth,
As this New Age Dawns
Fill us with joy and wonder.
Let your life giving energy
Rain down upon us;
Stilling all fear and worry,
Helping us to rise higher
Creating aNew World
Of Light, health and beauty.

O Radiances of Truth,
May each heart embrace
Its own higher purpose.
Lifting their fellows;
Smiling, celebrating together
In the morning sun of Universal Love.

O Radiances of Truth,
May thisNew Worldstart with me;
Bless my efforts to rise higher,
Every moment of every day,
And live according to my Higher Self
And the Higher Destiny of the Universe.

Invitation: Celebrate The Dawn of A New Age


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